Summer wishlist

Matte mateys

C01 - Pebble Beach (limited edition)
080 - Let's Talk About Barrie!

Pebble Beach from the first pic i wore couple of days ago & is
a matte finish nail polish itself. It's a pretty strange color although i liked it. Today i'm wearing the second one, which is normally shiny but i used it in combination with the matte topcoat from Hema.
I don't know what finish i like most, but i think matte is a nice change from all those shiny nail polishes. 


Nightshow: Formspring.me

I read about this entertaining site on Twitter & off course i wanted an account immediately. Counting the accounts i already got, it sounds pretty sick. And those are only the 'social-network' ones. Mannn all those name-password combinations !
Can't help it, i got accounts on Hyves, Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, Blogspot, Tagged, Last.fm, Postcrossing, etcetera.
When i read about something new i just NEED to try it...

Formspring is a site where everybody can ask you everything (anonymously or not), people can follow you, you can ask questions too.. simple but fun hehe.

Hop on if you want to try it!


Zara - original as always

Okay it's not a new issue that Zara isn't afraid of faking other brands by selling look-alike clothes, shoes, prints, jewelry, etcetera but this week i saw a real freakshow.. 
They literally used a picture of the French blogging girl Betty..on one of their shirts! After she found out, Zara told her they were inspired by the pic, but hey inspired? In real world we call this faked, Zara! 

PS: I guess i would be a bit honoured to be copied by something this big, but still.... how low can you go (lower than you knowwww hehe)!

J'adore j'adore

Today i read about an online blog webshop (or whatever it's called) with the most cutest, unique and not overexpensive food jewelry! It makes me wanna have it or even make it myself... but i don't seem to make time for that untill i'm 86.. damn it.

Take a look at this supercute broche & necklaces! Gimme gimme gimme from la boîte à couture, seriously that girl is a geniussss.


Family diet

Lol this week we started with a protein diet at home

First fase 
You can't take: lemonade, bread, candy, milk, meat, fish, fruit, potatoes, cookies etc etc.
You can have: coffee, tea, most of the vegetables & 3 times a day you have to drink a shake filled with protein powder. I can tell you it's hard, you can eat pretty much nothing hahaha.

Okay i'm not a strict follower of the diet (otherwise i will be a ghost in a couple of weeks) but i try to join a bit..


No5 stylo

Makes me think about how stupid it actually is to buy an over expensive Chanel bag just for being owner of a real Chanel... whoo hoo what's the fuss? I don't own one & i'm still alive too!


I'm shocked

Just watched news on television, where they showed an item about the World Expo in China. The event looks real nice, untill the Chinese habitants tell you the truth...

China forces people to leave their homes, which they demolish just to have more space for the expo.. When you refuse they will attack you - till dead.
I even saw an 80 year old Chinese woman being punched to the ground because she told people she lost her home for this event. How sick, just DISGUSTING. For just an event... world's driving crazy.
just one of the pavillions.....
but this is a cute sight

A new Postcrossing card!

My favorite card since i started, because it's a homemade picture from someone with a sweet story about the cat on the back..
A bit mysterious which makes it an even nicer card. Too bad the picture has a little white scratch on it but hey that's his travel all the way from San Francisco!


Not bored anymore!

Time ago i was sick of my boring socks till yesterday... when i bought the most funny & crazy socks at Primark. Those 6 pairs cost only 3,60€ !


BABYLON CIRCUS @ Metropolis R'dam !

OMG OMG OMG ik ben zo blij!
Nancy heeft me vandaag helemaal gelukkig gemaakt. Ik weet het
ik ben te erg, maar mijn schoolgezeur ben ik in één klap vergeten, vooruitzicht is nu 4 juli! 


While i'm in boring Holland

...my little sister is spending her week in Rome with school!
Give me a nice trip tooooo. Now.


From Indonesia with love

A customer of my aunt's Indonesian toko let her sister -while she was on vacation @ Indonesia!-  make some dodol & buy some wadjik to send to us... how nice but sick in the same time xD
To finish the goodness i made some es kelapa muda. 
Let the summer begin!


You want cheap Wal-Mart style? Here you go!

I'm cleaning up my Hyves page (Dutch version of Facebook) so here's a vid i wouldn't throw away without publishing on my blog hehehe xD Found it a while ago at youtube.
No offence to Wal-Mart by the way haha, when i was in Florida in 2008 i was absolutely in love with this huuuuuge stores!


I'm sorry

to bother every one of you with my nail polish obsession hehe xD
When i look back all i see is polish... help me find a new obsession!

PS: By the way! I bought a matte topcoat @ Hema, it's weird but niiice ;p


Create your own drug store

This time my mum & i are obsessed with Catrice nail polish. 
Great colors, great price. Especially when they're in sale like last week, one bottle for only €1,24 !!
what colors do we have.. which one do we still need? 

all the Catrice brothers & sisters together hehehe (we have about 25 out of 32, collect them all!)


Want: talking shirt

I want a rubber stamp set like this! Non-difficult creativeness is always fun. But Petit Bateau gives you washable ink so after washing your shirt, the print is ugly faded or completely gone. 
Funny vid anyway.

edit: I couldn't resist the idea so i went to Le Petit Bateau shop in Rotterdam today. The kit didn't look that great & here in Holland it costs 14€ (or 7€ when you buy 2 other products)! No way. 
I saw in France it was €6,50 and Germany sells it for €9,50...


Home-made: It tasted gooood

Liberation Day! The date that World War II ended in the Netherlands. It's always a happy day with a lot of activities and in the bigger cities there are music festivals.

Last year was memorable for me lol, because my addiction called Babylon Circus started at this festival in Rotterdam. Today the line-up wasn't very interesting so i stayed in Barendrecht, where some local bands played. The sun started shining again so it was pretty nice.


A day at the circus

the woman in red with the uncovered belly is friggin long pregnant already & still performing ö

Yesterday i went to a circus performance with my mum as an early Mother's Day gift. It was called Michto and performed by the French "La famille Morallès".

All the family members are multi talents (singing, trapeze acts, making music, juggling, acting, etc.) and even their kids from like 3-8 years old did amazing stunts. 
There were no animals in the show except from a tiny dog & some beautiful white doves, which they threated well (not really.. but okay). I thought it was a pretty great show, completely different from 'normal' circus performances! The show is part of the Circusstad Festival in Rotterdam which is from 1-5 May.   

Oh and after i made these pics a stressed out young girl -who's definitely a new employee there hehe- whispered to me it was not allowed to take pictures. Okay i respect that, but it sounded SO incredibly stupid, because the circus performers told like 5 minutes before that they accept cameras but only when it's without flash! Like what. Don't you speak English? 
They might be singing in French & Spanish but this was a clear English message.