Last day off

Because tomorrow (so Wednesday) my internship for 5 months starts! Damn i just want a year off or something, just rest hehe.
I also like to go shopping and want to buy a new perfume but i have no idea which one + for the poor me it may be a stupid idea. And it's time for autumn clothessss.. the shirt is great


Yes! Pathé Unlimited Card

Last week my mum got me a Pathé Unlimited Card for 4 months, yay! It means i can go to every film at a Pathé cinéma for free (except for 3D ones). I already went to the films above in the last 3 days. I loved Inception, The Joneses & Step Up still warms my heart with all the dancing stuff!
Today i'm going to see 'Dinner for schmucks' with my sister. Not a regular choice for me, but when you don't have to pay you'll easier with giving every movie a chance ;)


Please open your eyes Taylor Momsen...

...before you'll be destroyed by America forever!
Ouch yeah of course it's more rock chick like but nooo why do you have to look so incredibly overdone & just friggin' strange O_o


Dreaming with Local Natives

Had a fun night with Nancy @ Local Natives concert in Rotown; loved the relaxed music, all the supercute bandmembers with beards or moustaches or awesome hairdos, nice atmosphere and fun people hehe lol.
Forgetting boring Holland for a moment was really nice.


Let's run from boring Holland

After my London trip this will be another want-to-escape-from-Holland-activity: Local Natives in Rotown tonight.
We'll see what's next........


Belgians are lucky bastards

Tryo-Milow-BABYLON CIRCUS-Renan Luce
BB Brunes-Rachid Taha

Are you friggin' kidding me? Day tickets for 10-15€ or a 10 day ticket was only 30€! Insane! I would've loved to be there. Gosh living in Bruxelles has to feel awesome at least during Summer.. Where is Brussels Summer Festival in Rotterdam?
Lol it does exist in my dreams already i can tell ya that!


Strange things happen in the world

I only know the name of the band 'Ou est le swimming pool' but it kinda shocked me when i read about their lead singer Charlie Haddon committing suicide at Pukkelpop after their show.

He did it few hours after a girl had been injured when one of his bandmembers dived into the public during their performance. Kinda strange that a man can feel so incredibly down that he decides to take his own life away. Charlie Haddon was only 22.

Movie hotness

Leonardo DiCaprio & Tom Hardy
Today i had a busy kinda cultural day (sounds good lol). 
First i went to the Kunsthal museum with my mum, to visit the exposition 'Troostmeisjes' in general. 

After that we watched Bavaria City Racing in Rotterdam and in the evening i went to the films Inception & Salt. I thought Inception was truly amazing but Salt was just Angelina Jolie turned into a fighting-shooting-rolling-climbing-bleeding-jumping-kicking Russian spy superwoman.. Don't know, it was entertaining but overdone if you ask me..

Something i noticed at Inception was the fact Leonardo doesn't look chubby anymore + Tom Hardy is hot hot hot.


I'm back and awake agaiin

London was great, i wanted to stay. That's always my problem when i'm travelling. I'm always unbelievably sad to leave, i don't want everything to start all over again like school, work etcetera.
The weather was nice, the hotel looked great, i wanted to visit lovely markets like Camden Lock & Portobello (above you see the colored houses on Portobello Road), just want to have more relaxing nice days in this beautiful city.. i'll be back!


Toko foodness

Got it Saturday for my 19th birthday. My aunt filled it with products from her toko niceee : D
Oh and tomorrow i'm going to London again! I'll stay for four days with a friend of mine, so hopefully i'm gonna have a nice time shopping, chilling, eating over there! Yayyyy


With a view on the zoo!

PS: Today i got my vaccinations for Bali, i feel kinda weird in my stomach. We meeted the doctor this morning who immediately yelled: OKAY LET'S PLAY DARTS! Argh i wasn't happy to go & this words didn't work for me either xD


Punch Hannah

Real Hannah Montana drink! 
Also available as Winne the Pooh, Snow White & Cars yayyyy. Hannah makes me happy on a day like this lol. Failed my driving test, in the morning i was furious/crying/sick/yelling/cursing but now i'm kinda okay with it. It doesn't change a thing.


Think positive think positive think positive

Sweaty hands, being shaky, not even hungry.....
All because of my second driving test tomorrow. I want it so bad. My second damn chance comes closer. World: think positive for me pleaseee i need it :) 

If i could get these guys back.

Igor & Tommy. Still miss them.


Can't stop

still love the clip, the song, the band after i saw them live in 2007

eating ice lollies under any circumstances
- listening Babylon Circus & checking for opportunities
  to visit one of their concerts again
- thinking about my second driving test Thursday
- hating the fact school starts somehow
- etcetera-ing.......


Hysteric glitterrrrr

super close-up of my thumb lol xD
Last week i bought my firrrrst... OPI nail polish!
As you see it's one of the glitters out of the Alice in Wonderland-collection, that's called Mad As A Hatter. Read several positive reviews about this nail polish, so when i saw it last week during shopping in Rotterdam i decided to buy this precious immediately! Couldn't help it, who knows it's gone next week?!  

On the pics above i wear Mad As A Hatter on a black Catrice nail polish (320 Back To Black).


Ultimate juggling song

This week i was mainly learning how to juggle at my job with Circus Rotjeknor which i enjoyed incredibly much, i'm really gonna miss those guys lol but later i'm gonna join some trainings when they're around too.
Above you can play one of the songs we played everyday, beside a lotttt of Bob Marley. Ultimate chillness. Best job ever.


HEMA Jip & Janneke vs. MAC Hello Kitty

Today i was at the Dutch store HEMA (sells all kinda home stuff, from cotton pads to candles) that launched a limited make-up collection featuring Jip & Janneke. They are a fictional drawed boy & girl who appear in Dutch books for children, but also on shirts, pens, stickers etcetera.
I haven't bought any of the make-up yet, but liked the silver nail polish much. It looks so cute!

But that wasn't my point today. I was looking at the Jip & Janneke collection when i immediately recognized the similarities with MAC's past Hello Kitty collection. Of course the quality isn't the same, but HEMA did a well job copying MAC's style!
Wouldn't be amused when i was from MAC, but as a normal customer i'm quite happy with HEMA leaving his old style slowly.

Pics from: Laura & Kayla



Don't worry 21 sounds like 12 only spelled in the wrong way lol ;p 

Kids are tiresome

At the moment i feel kinda ruined, don't know what's the exact cause but maybe non stop workingg. I'm a bit dizzy, head aching, painful shoulders + legs like i've played a World Of Warcraft LAN Party Marathon these days. HAHAHA really i have no idea where i'm talking about but it sounds sickening right?!
Another three days to go at the Circus Rotjeknor area in Ahoy' where i help & entertain kids, learn how to juggle, hate a boy who's kind of a racist, and have some very chill people around me (with the cutest son on earth!).
See ya tomorrow!


See ya tomorrow

zillion of kids who scream, bite, yell, cry, laugh and run....allright some of you are sooo cute but too be honest i'm happy when this week is ended hehehe ;p