It's almost December..

What means > end of 2010 (how fast!) > Christmas > New Year's Eve > end of internship > International Film Festival Rotterdam > starting with minors at school > bye teenage drama - my 20th birthday is comingggg > excited what 2011 brings.....


Coming Thursday i'm invited for a job interview as volunteer at the 40th edition of IFFR. Yay excited, the best cultural festival of Rotterdam if you ask me. Looking forward to 26 Jan - 6 Feb.


Today i found some Europe stamps so i decided to start Postcrossing again! Wrote 3 cards; to Lithuania, Germany and Finland. So sorry for the addresses outside of Europe, i'll send you when i have stamps again. And money. Someday.
Best part of Postcrossing is receiving cards so i'm excited.


Today i realized it is already week 11/20 of my internship. When i told the press guys i would be leavin in January and they were like 'what? and then? do you come back? no?!', i felt sad.

Sad because these guys are probably the most honest people i ever met. You just feel they are truly happy to have you as company, they just say it right in your face when they think you look nice (or strange, even though you don't want to know that) and they're not hiding anything for you. That's why i like to be around them.

No whispers, no secrets, no gossip about each other. Just a bunch of guys together & an extremely dry sense of humour. Oh and they sing terribly loud all day, i guess it would freak you out if you're not used to it.


If it's fugly and you know it clap your hands

My niece left us some boxes full of never worn/used things & i decided to adopt this fake Primark Uggs. I swear i would never buy them there myself, but here at home they do exactly what i want: warm my feet. 


No minute left

Monday to Friday: from 9 to 5 at my internship - sharing an office with internshipgirl - staring at pc all those hours - havin a small walk - a 30 minute break - hurting fingers from typing - burning pc-shaped eyes - bit of talking with the press guys - going home - eat - relaxing for a moment - intensely tired - sleep.

Saturday: wake up early - going to The Hague for an Indonesian event (pasar kliling) - good food - some shopping - home.
Sunday: wake up early - off to Rotterdam - Primark - back to center of Rotterdam for some shopping - rainnn & coldness - watching Due Date at the cinema - home.




I'm up late again. I don't wanna sleep late anymore, i liked sleeping at 7pm, but today i went to Eat Pray Love in cinema so it was not a waste of my precious sleeping time.

Most people think it's a boring movie because there doesn't happen a lot, but maybe those people are brainwashed with FIRE ACTION FIGHTING things they know from all other Hollywood productions.
A minus in the movie for me was the fact they've only shown a small small part of the awesome landscapes, people, just the life of the places Julia Roberts went to (Rome, Calcutta, Bali). It still is an American movie....