My 2011

  • Working at International Film Festival Rotterdam
  • Internship/ working at printing company
  • Got my first tattoo
  • Concerts: Little Dragon, Kane, Red Hot Chili Peppers
  • Pasar Malam with my niece from New Zealand
  • Became a promotion team member @ Inholland
  • Met the best guy (and kinda lost him too)
  • Metropolis
  • Europe Interrail
  • All the parties in Rotterdam
  • Pathé Unlimited
  • Christmas shopping in London
2009 - 2010
2011 was new, loving, hard, warm, impressive, sweet, fast, unforgettable, heart-breaking, beautiful, exciting, great fun, responsible, sad, just another big freakshow!


Circus tonight!

Not the famous Monte Carlo Circus, not one of my faves Babylon Circus, but tonight we're going to Circus Royal! I'm a sucker for circus acts, no idea why but can't get enough of it.


Warm Summers........

.......... I WANT

London 2011

Thanks to my friend Joy for the first two pics!
Oxford Street
Covent Garden
Hyde Park
London was so great again! Lots of shopping and running around the city, there was so much to see. Only the busdriver made our trip a little harder, first he brought us almost two hours later and then in the evening he made us wait an hour and a half before he arrived with the bus. IN THE FRIGGIN FREEZIN RAINY NIGHT. INSANE. Bedankt Milot Reizen.
Besides that, the recently opened shopping mall Westfield Stratford City (close to the Olympic Stadium) is perfectly big and everything you wish for. Only Kiko Cosmetics was overpriced, so next time in Italy or Germany i'll buy a LOAD of that.


Almost Saturday ----> LONDON

Westfield Stratford City Mall

The alarm clock song that made me insane last time in London.. Drums in the morning..cannot handle


Today's obsession: Mr. Polska

A tiny Polish/Dutch rapper, born in Poland (calls himself President Mr. Polska lol) with crazy beats & lyrics.
I don't know why but somehow he triggers me. He performed time ago in my hometown, didn't went then but now i feel like going to a crazy party like that.

The tall Dutch guy Jebroer isn't part of my obsession lol.

17dec: London time again!

Going to visit London for a day; time for some serious shopping
(a new shopping mall yay!), completely in Christmas style.
Definitely looking forward to it!


New: Pull & Bear Rotterdam

Went to the opening of world's largest Pull & Bear store in Rotterdam this evening. To be honest it isn't a mind-blowing huge store, but the clothes are pretty nice.
There were nice musicians, interesting cocktails (lavender-wodka), skateboard painting artists & a cool shopper as bonus.

Wanted to buy a bag i saw on the website of Pull & Bear, but haven't found it.... so i bought these shirts ;)

Nail art: Monarch Butterfly

My project for hours, yesterday i saw this tutorial how to make Monarch Butterfly nails & decided to give it a try!
I used Kiko nail polish (orange), Essence nail art pen (black) and for the dots Catrice nail polish (in 470-Snow Motion!).