Yay! My first car, a Seat Arosa 1.4! Today my first rides but goshhhh parking IS scary.... like my car's a monster truck lol xD


Gimme 12 days and you won't see me in the rain here for two weeks. See you at Bali if you need me. 
Till then i'm a diehard at my internship. 


Last two days my most adored-crushed-cutest band ever Babylon Circus played in Holland again. 
I wasn't abled to join those two gigs + i just miss the feeling of being there. I'm still addicted and now they're off to South Korea. ARGH. I deserve a bonus. I. Deserve. Gig. Now. 


Donation, anyone?

Today my parents joined me visiting a zillion car sellers around Rotterdam to find a nice little car. Never watched that much cars from so close, but still haven't found the one yet...


Best product September brought me

I'm happy and scared and finally done with the strange feeling of throwing money in a big black hole no one ever talks about.
A driver's license.


Today i felt like a copy shitty

  • I copied seriously half a book while hearing her say 'i know it's a lot, but it's for yourself'. WHUT for myself?! What am i gonna do with the paper crap then? Is it mine at the end of my internship?
  • I blinked my eyes like 962735 times a minute while obsessively watching the time. Hoping the minutes would just disappear. Didn't work out.
  • I slept too long so i had to stay for an extra 30 minutes. Not for myself of course but the deadly stare i received said enough. 
YAY enough weeks to go!


I'm a friggin Transformer !

I feel really bad because i haven't updated a lot these days (some other fluf refused to update too, i'm inspired i guess!).

My week was like: - internship everyday - Zumba Tuesday - making my ear a 5mm - PASSING MY DRIVING TEST - watching 'Going the distance' at the cinema - fitness Sunday - lazy afternoon because Monday it's internship time againnnnn.
Counting down to Bali! By the way passing my driving test is an excellent reason to buy some great things for myself (haven't thought about what to buy, but the reason is in my pocketttt)...


Alouette, gentille Alouette
Alouette, je te plumerai
It is scary, scary scary scary
It is scary, save me tomorrow

Look what Elle did to Gabourey Sidibe

Everyone was shocked by Michael Jackson's white face, but big fashion magazine Elle did it on purpose....


Nail paint by Barry M

Bought this Barry M nail polish (291 Cobalt Blue) in London, together with a light blue. I like the polish very much: fast-drying, strong color, good coverage! What else do you need?


I'm tired

My internship makes me sleepy. No days off during the week suckssss.
Sorry for my uninteresting update but i can't make more of it.
Oh i putted my Formspring field on the right, so maybe you want to entertain yourself with that to compensate this boringness today.


It makes me look smart

But it's the most boring crap i've ever seen goshhh..
internship struggle 2.0


Okay haven't made it to fitness today buttt i cycled around in Rotterdam (very nice work-out)! Also i watched the French movie La Rafle at the cinema, it made me kinda saddd.
Look at Nono, a very very cute character at La Rafle played by the lovely twins Mathieu et Romain di Concerto! Only 6 years old and so sweeet. Pics from their facebook-page.

beeep beeep beeep

tomorrow 9:30 AM time for fitness againn
damn that's early i have to sleep now


I had a feeling

Yesterday i wanted to have a new perfume without knowing which one. After googling 'nd surfing a lot while checking reviews, base notes, olfactive groups blahblah i thought i found my new perfume, Obsession Night by Calvin Klein. I went to the store but unfortunately they didn't have that one in stock. Too bad.

Next step was just wondering around which one i  might also like when Paco Rabanne's Lady Million caught my eye. Never smelled it before but somehow it triggered me everytime. And i bought it! Have to say i'm not in love with the heavy gold but yeah i like the smell & it looks better than Avril Lavigne's Black Star lol.
It's kinda like a belated birthday present because i paid the biggest part with gift vouchers i got...bonuss