Paris je t'aime

Watched this lovely movie today, containing 18 short films from different directors. 
All the films take place in Paris and because each film is only 5 minutes long, i really want to know how it ends everytime!
I'll never know...but they are all romantic, beautiful, sad, funny.. 
just great!


They make me laugh

Gogol Bordello. Seriously, i thought their frontman Eugene Hütz was at least 50.. he's only 37!

Have to prepare myself for another exam now -_- 


Don't do this to me!

First problem with my blog since i started.
All the pics are acting weird. My blog feels naked.

Argh and i'm busy doing stuff for school, no motivation but have to send it before midnight!


Where's my red carpet?

Say what? My dear sister Loes nominated me for this blog award hehe! Well i don't know what to do with it but still... 

On receiving an award you should:

*Thank the person who nominated you
*Copy the award and place it on your own blog

*Post a link to nominator
*Express seven things about yourself
*Nominate seven other bloggers and link them

Now it's time to reveal seven things about myself:
1. I'm in love with the French band Babylon Circus (i just cannot resist David Baruchel...)
2. I hate the fact we lost one hour today! 
3. I'm a last-minute girl; making homework, running for buses, preparing stuff, everything! 
4. I love to spend my free time travelling to anywhere.
5. I'm thinking about food a lot.
6. I can act like a freakshow (like that word) when i'm bored.
7. I'm a sucker for sale & bargains.

The seven blogs i check almost daily are:

Furby is a funny word

Can you imagine i liked Furby's as a child?

An ugly doll that talks & starts stinking when you play frequently with it, how awesome... I'm glad only my sister had one.
It's still in her closet i think.


Today's day Part 1

07:00 Wake up - 07:25 On the bus to Rotterdam - 08:00 Start of the craze @ V&D Prijzencircus sale
08:25 Sephora is beautiful (bought a foundation, lipstick 
& lip last for only 10€ !)

08:45 Time for a Burger King breakfast! hehe

Today's day Part 2

 09:30 Start of H&M The Garden Collection in Rotterdam

Sick women running and taking everything like it's for free!

I liked everything, but i was a smartie girl & bought nothing!

Oh and as you may see, these days i'm in love with taking snapshots with my crappy mobile. Too bad the quality isn't that great, GIMME phone with nice camera!


I want Zumba!

hahaha crazy little Asian girl

I wanna do funny dances at Zumba class nowww. I've tried it some months ago, it's so funny & makes you feel sporty!
But it's expensiveee... around my place at least 35€ a month. Gosh. Not everyone has got a money tree in their garden.


Sunny shopping days

This week i went several times to Primark in R'dam, bought some nice pieces, enjoyed the sun & visited the crowded Blaak market today. The weather forecast says tomorrow will be another great day : D


What's up with those baby looking boys?

I'm starting to get sick of those faces...
Boys at the age of 16, looking like they are 8, having the weirdest hair & being adored by kids between 3 and (i bet) 30 years old.
All those 'I love him so much' sites and even fictional love stories in Dutch or look at this spoiled little kid!

By the way, i bet the little presenter girl is friggin' jealoussss.


After several posts about my love for moustaches & cute Kidrobot items, i found this adorable 'Stache Labbit Stool from Kozik X Kidrobot yesterday. Price is around €1000,-


Gorilli monstersale!

Autumn/Winter collection 2009 up to 90% off! Levi's, Modstrom, etc.etc. @ Rotterdam. I'm excited!



Love the green light

Essence - 53 All Access (€1,59)

Bought this nail polish yesterday, and after googling it today
i found a lot of positive reviews. And yeah i'm happy with it too! Nice texture & i like the shimmery green color, all those glitters look great in sunlight! 


Deutsche Pfeffer (2007)

LOL just found this pic between my oldie pics; he was my funny little German friend @ Red Hot Chili Peppers concert in Nijmegen


Off with their heads!!!

Okay if you didn't knew this already: i adore Alice in Wonderland.

Just watched the most weird, gross & freakshow version of Alice in Wonderland. But however i loved the movie and had to watch it till the end hehe.
It's a Czech movie made in 1988: Něco z Alenky by Jan Švankmajer. The movie combines live action with stop motion animation & contains the most disgusting characters, like skeletons with fish heads and walking meat pieces.
The popular website Rotten Tomatoes thinks this version of Alice is a real cult movie.
And like a lot of other people i seem to believe this version is somehow even better than the hyped one from Tim Burton.

But in the end i love the animated version of Walt Disney most.

Winter is for lazy dorks

I seriously need to work out a bit.... haven't practiced a real sport for like ages & with the summer coming i don't want to be lazy anymore! Fitness clubs are expensive plus i still have my Wii Fit, only the big amount of non fat self-discipline is missing ;p

But i'm sure i'm not the only one around hehehe......


Barbie Fight

These have nothing to do with the fight, but whoa they look nice huh! I want them.

Just read an article about a Walmart in Louisiana that's is coming under fire because they charge less for Black Barbie than White Barbie xD What a freakshow!


Goodmornin' turtle

Yesterday he woke up after 5 months of sleep... gimme 5 months too!


Time for cookies

Today i made cookies (hard as bricks, but the taste was good!) with some Christmas-mix i got a time ago. 
I feel like baking more now!



Goodbye Albert!

Today was my last day at work after 4 years.. It felt strange, i'm gonna miss some of them but i feel free! 



What's up with Belgians & mandarins??

Especially for all those people who searched for the mandarin picture on my blog yesterday:


By the way, tomorrow is my last day at work! I'm going to enjoy free Saturdays again!



Copy Time

Dior  650€

Topshop 5€ (set of 3)

Okay of course the Topshop one it isn't made of gold and a real Dior is always better, but i was happy to find this look-alike ring in London i could afford : D