Happy Queen's Day!

Today it's Queen's Day in Holland! And it's raining... as usual.

The nail polish in this post is the other Catrice one. Orange is the typical Queen's Day color, but this polish isn't making me happy. It's a nice coral color, but the weird texture makes it difficult to apply. I Scream Peach is pretty thick but fast drying, that's why it ends up a little stripy.. better luck next time!


Return of the Flower Dress

My inner hippie speaks again. One sunny Sunday and my head says wear it, wear the flower dress! Forgive me: i haven't even polished my nails, i just ran outside immediately xD

The sun on my head, a mint tea in my hand & my neighbour's radio is singing Hey soulsister. Life's good.


Sea You, London Birds!

010 - Don't Feed The Birds
280 - London's Weather Forecast
250 - I Sea You! 
As i promised in my last post about Catrice Ultimate Nail Lacquer, i bought some new ones this week!

Don't know, i just can't resist them plus they look so cute together.. hehe reason enough if you ask me ;p
It makes me wanna wear other colors everyday, but they last pretty long so it's a bit of a waste to put another color on each day! This turquoise I Sea You! looks fresh & tropical, i bet it looks great with the Hawaiian flower dress i don't have hehe.


Active girl for real

Last week: 
* i finally subscribed for a fitness club
* i went 3 times already
* i cycled to my grandparents (11km)
* i didn't eat hamburgers or something

Whoo-hoo! Tomorrow i'm going to fitness again! That's the spirit!



Today i bought this incredible cosmetic organiser @ Ikea.
It has several compartments, to store your nail polish or lipbalms & stuff. Also you can put the compartment with the yellow foundation brush etcetera upwards, to place more stuff underneath. I'm really in loveee with this!
The fun already started when i was buying it, but at home it was like yeaahhhh put everything in! Happy happy happy!


Ik haat auto's ik haat mannen ik haat slakkensnelheid

Kortom, ik haat het om te zakken voor TTT proefexamen auto.
Niet omdat ik alles meteen wil halen, maar vooral omdat ik 160 euro tussen mijn vingers weg zie glippen. Alleen omdat die man overal wilde dat ik maximaal 30 reed als je 50 mocht.
I failed my driving exam "test" today. Not a real exam, but when you pass it you don't have to do parking exercises again during the real exam. But ay i failed, so 160€ is gone..

edit: WTF de tip van deze horoscoop van Astroportaal is toch niet te geloven!  


Rotterdam Marathon 2010

Last Sunday i visited the Rotterdam Marathon, where thousands of people from everywhere around the world run a distance of 42 km. I'm always attending this event (not as a runner hehe) but i'm supporting the runners by yelling & clapping for them. How kind.

I always think it's a pity when people -especially from foreign countries- are running the hell out of themselves without the presence of any family/friends. They trained so hard & travelled so long for this!


Crazyness @ Bijenkorf Rotterdam

Some clothes + Clinique eyeshadow + Lancôme juicy tube for only €12,50 !

Today there was a crazy "unknown" sale @ Bijenkorf, where all kind of products were 4 for 10€.
They had  made some special place for it but it was still superrr crowded. Although better than years before, when i had to wait for 2,5 hours in a small hot space. Die hard....


Peach & Dawn

170 - I Scream Peach!
200 - From Dusk To Dawn
Time for some new nail polishes! I bought two pieces of the new collection from Catrice: Ultimate Nail Lacquer today.
I tried From Dusk To Dawn, a greyish taupe color & it's nice!
Okay, i love the weirdest colors but about the product: i used 2 layers and it dried very fast. Price: €2,50
Awesome price, soon i'm gonna buy some more...


Taart goodness

My dad's 50th birthday was yesterday, we have muchos leftovers : D 


Silly faker

I was at the warehouse V&D in Utrecht last Saturday, when i spotted this cheapo lipstick pens from Silly covered with acrylic strass stones.
Don't mess with the Marc Jacobs lipstick pen please!


Happy Easter!!

American Apparel freakshow

Just read about what happened last Friday in East London. 

American Apparel started a huuuuge sale there, see how people get totally insane! Okay i would be pretty happy about this event, but it wouldn't drive me that mad haha..

Today i was at a well-known flea market in Amsterdam (IJ-Hallen) where i bought a brand new AA legging for only 5€!
The girly owner told me she just sold her grey one, tooo bad but
i couldn't resist the purple one either hehe.


Let's go to.......

Today a day at the Pasar Malam Indonesia with Dawya, Andro, Anton (?) and more! Nomnomnom saté kambing, lontong, tjendol... goodness! But i guess Tong Tong Fair in May will be better, this was a nice start but a small one.


Disgusting Easter

2 of the like 50 posters you can see in Rotterdam

They drive me seriously crazy! Here i was riding the subway on my way to school (only 3 stops) and everywhere i saw this ugly package of meat!