First day Pasar Malam

Lotta food - whole family - my niece & her boyfriend from New Zealand! - funny stuff to buy - earrings - batik products - dried fruit - tjendol - sateh kambing - see you Wednesday againnnnnnn
(Allright i know it's called Tong Tong Fair from now on, but I REFUSE)


Okay weirdest week of 2011

Yesterday i was going to interview the restaurant manager of the Euromast (185m high tower) in Rotterdam, when we suddenly saw a lot of police men and  we heard someone just jumped off the Euromast... terrible idea.

Here some happy music a Filipino classmate was singing yesterday. LIKE ALL DAY LONG.

Might give the week some positive vibe:


Twitter, what's happening??

Today's Twitter homepage.. i don't know what's going wrong actually. Don't tell me to find some interesting people to follow, 
i already have 65 of them! But show me them tweets please.. 


23 may is the weirdest day of 2011

Crazy things at work - people who tell pretty lies - deceased classmate would've turned 22 - school project that doesn't work out well - too much to do - too much emails from my group members - everything goes wrong today. 

Oh and to choose the best thing of all the damned things; i haven't won the Lotto yet.


Life is full of choices

The price differences make the decision way easier, but still...
I want them all! When you have stretched earlobes (or any other piercing), the Dutch website All Over Piercings is like heavennnn! Those guys are great; with a big jewelry collection to choose from, reasonable prices & superfast delivery.
What else can you wish for?


Disgusting freakshow

New rage! Manipulated fruit -a mix of pineapple with strawberry- Now in Dutch supermarkets.

De neger met de witte helm op is jarig

Who's that dark guy with the helmet? asked my mom 

Actually it is Annie M.G. Schmidt, the founder of Jip & Janneke.
When you try really hard, you'll see that the image above stands for the word 'Google'.

School mode = on

The yearly school struggle is on again! No tests this period, but a project that'll have to be finished before the 6th of June.


Yukimi rules

Yesterday i attended Little Dragon's concert @ Lantaren/Venster Rotterdam with Nancy. It was a chill evening: cool band + nice music + chill audience.
And the Swedish-Japanese lead singer Yukimi Nagano is just SO awesome.


Productive Sunday & new mission

Today i read all the newspapers i could find at home... 
NRC makes me feel smart !

Also i printscreened all the weekly lottery results of this year.
Plan is to buy 2 lottery tickets for next week.. 1 with some numbers that are chosen a lot this year & 1 with random chosen numbers. Mission is to win something in the lottery lol.
Not millions but just something hehe, i'm happy with 5€ so wanna give it a chance!

To be continued..........

Funny waste of your time



I pressed F5 like 20 times for all those Roger Hargreaves drawings on Google
A very sad story, he died during the Giro - RIP Wouter Weylandt

Unavailable if you need me to do something

Leave me alone. I don't wanna do yar work or receive any school or work messages i get at the moment. Like all day long.
How good would it be to quit telephone/facebook/the whole internet for some time. Just like the guys at work that haven't got the slightest idea what to do with facebook. In the end it is true, WHAT TO DO WITH FACEBOOK. What's up with it really. This thought only causes me headaches.

I picture myself in the garden, with no need to do anything. Just relaxing & drawing or something (not that i'm a good drawer, but still). Gimme. Now.


Ice pop challenge accepted

Gimme that magazine please?

My current school project is to make a magazine for a company from beginning to end. The idea is pretty cool, but the lessons aren't always helping you where needed. When my magazine looks like above, i bet i'm gonna get the best grade EVERRRRR.
But unfortunately it only looks like that in my imaginary world at the moment..


Disney: Must. Do. It. Someday

I don't know what to do with my life at the moment. But when i finish school and haven't got any idea yet, i see myself working in Disneyland Resort Paris. Well... not seeing but i would love to try it! This thought came from a audition call i saw on the internet in Amsterdam this month. It makes me feel happy. 

We're looking for precision car drivers and expert motorcycle riders for "Lights, Motors, Action!™ Extreme Stunt Show" at Disney's Hollywood Studios at the Walt Disney World Resort in Florida, and "Moteurs... Action! Stunt Show Spectacular" at Disneyland Paris in France.

Wowww it makes me wanna be a stunt driver too. Coolest job EVER . Who can say he works in the show "Moteurs...Action!" in Disney 0_0


Queen's Day

Not my pics, but it's to show some impressions of Queen's Day in The Netherlands.
It's a national holiday (always on April 30th) to celebrate the birthday of the queen. There are flea markets in almost every city, music events, open-air parties  & most people dress up in orange.

My Q-Day was in Rotterdam with some friends at the open-air party there. Although there were the craziest & cheapest-looking people around it was nice, sunny and very crowded & i met up with a good friend of mine i hadn't seen for a while :)