School start

Today was the first time i had to go to school in months. Haven't seen most of them for like 3 months. I miss my days off already! There weren't much people at the kick-off, next week
school starts officially.
Tomorrow my second driving lesson & have to work from 2 till 10.

Have a nice weekend!


Bought: Hoya Star filter

(in real life not with a purple side offcourse)

it produces 'stars' on pictures like this (the bracelet is one of my latest sells)

I like those filters, bought this one @ Marktplaats (a.k.a. Dutch Ebay), they aren't expensive and they're fun to experiment with. Have to try him soon at night with those lights for example..


At the moment in London

So called put-pockets are operating in London these days.
I saw this sign & i read about it before on the internet. It is a group of people (even ex pick-pockets!) who are secretly putting money in your pockets, instead of stealing it.
Okay, it was just 5 to 20 pounds they give you, but why didn't they choose me as their victim?!


Snapshot: exhausted man

@ boat to London

Little bit blurred, because i was scared he would notice me taking pictures of him haha.

By the way, just had my first driving lesson today, whoo-hoo!


And then ?

Offcourse i looked up. It was in a tiny mall in London, a bit deserted & the only shops were some Japanese nail & massage salons. But allright, before i looked up i didn't know what to expect. It was a weird place & the words looked a bit creepy.
So a crazy face? More words?
Curious as i am, i looked up and saw.......... NOTHING !
Absolutely nothing. Just a dirty ceiling. I'm wondering how much people were already fooled by this words hahaha.


Shut up granny! Just open the bag and give me some of yar crisps!

Wanna give a crisp to the doggie?

That's exactly what the dogman said to the old woman who wants to give him some crisps. Everybody laughed. The old woman too, she didn't care about the rudeness.
I love that relaxedness about streetartists, they can do everything & everybody is just laughing and having fun.


London, baby!

Packing my bag a little, some food, loading my batteries, cuz tonight i'm off to London for a day! I hope to shop & see a lot, although it is only a day..

Bye bye, see you Sunday!

PS: When i'm back, i'm going to watch all the footage i can find of Lowlands! And i'm hoping they filmed Babylon Circus too!

Pretending to be Zac Efron

I don't know but this jump always makes me think about
High School Musical immediately xD
However, the pic was made by my lil'sister @ the station's public garden in Barendrecht. It is placed on the station (weird enough) & is as big as 16 soccer fields.


Current interest: Prisons

After watching the very interesting docu about San Quentin Prison today, i want to see all those prison things.
I want to visit the prison museum in Veenhuizen, i want to visit detention centres and i like to visit Alcatraz & the San Quentin museum one day. It fascinates me so much i don't know.
Just to feel the 'prison vibe' & taking interesting pictures, although there are no prisoners inside. Who's joining me?

Summer raindrops

As you see in my last post, it was sunny. Hello Holland!
It is only an hour later & big raindrops are suddenly falling down from the sky..

Brand new

Just bought this pair of Adidas, i'm lovin it! I couldn't resist them,
i just knew my money wouldn't be long in my wallet this week..

A Dutch post

HAHAHA omg..

Zoals sommigen van jullie al weten, ben ik een ster in het aan de man brengen van nutteloze producten op Marktplaats. Parfumproefjes, kinderboeken, beeldjesverzamelingen en zo ook deze vrij gedateerde oma schoenen vliegen bij mij over de digitale toonbank. Maar mijn inspirerende advertenties blijken nu zelfs echte lolbroeken aan te trekken, die of 12 jaar zijn
& een zogenaamd "modemeisje met een eigen stijl" óf echt een vrouw is die binnen de doelgroep van deze schoenen valt & dit gelijk maar even emotioneel uitbuit. Wie zal het zeggen, maar ik wil minstens 5 euro voor deze rood lederen schoonheden vangen!

Tomorrow is time for a picture again

Today - exhausting - fun - rollercoasters - excitement - stinky people - sweaty people - divorced man tries to leave Walibi World early with his kids by promising them he has the movie Ice Age 3 at home - a lot of wasps - water - sick people who are throwing the nasty water on each other - Emeng wants to buy an elephant or plant some trees somewhere - sick Dawya who wants to throw up all the time - more wasps - Goliath - laughing - a long 3 hour travel in a hot train & bus - Starbucks!

And ohhhhh i'm so incredibly excited for Lowlands it sounds like i'm really going xD
I almost believe my own imagination; i saw the LL area today when i was otw to Walibi World & it looked so nice & i felt like i'll be there these days hahaha. I'm living Lowlands.
Like an air guitar player who pretends to have a guitar, i'll pretend i'm on Lowlands. And i'm sure i'll be the best pretender.

But next year i'm not the air guitar player anymore.


I hate computers

or even worse: Computers hate me.

I love you too. Have a nice nice evening.


Ocean in view! O! The joy!

pic from Leilathelegend's Flickr

This sentence is printed in my mind. It sounds so overdone, what made me remember it since i paid with this dollar cents last year in Florida. I like dollars. They look nice, all those different images. The Euro (€) has different ones from each country too, but most of them look boring.

Supermarket stories

Yeah some people have those really 'deep' conversations in the supermarket, they're exactly like you expect (or are just acting weird);

1. A bored man is pushing his shopping cart trying to keep up with his wife. He sees a familiar face. 'Bertuuuuus, old man!
How you doinn!' Bertus doesn't remember his old friend, but says; 'Hey! I didn't expect YOU here!' (Why not? Is it such an exclusive place? No. So don't act that surprised please.)

2. A boy who's filling empty shelves wants to ask his collegue something. To keep the engine running. 'Do you like this drink?' His confused collegue responds: 'nahh, I prefer beer'.
Result: The guys started talking over and over about beer, cold beer, the best beer brand, what to snack with beer ('everything'), what to watch while drinking beer etcetera.
And then you have to imagine the guys just turned 16 & i guess that conversation will be repeated everytime they work together.

3. A middle aged woman is playing hide & seek with her even older girlfriend. They giggle all the time like they are happy children in a playground.
(Why on earth are you deciding to play hide & seek in a supermarket? when you're almost 50? Why don't you just walk fast 'nd fill your shopping cart with too much groceries.)


Eat it

Happy birthday to you, Dawya Ashley!

& today my grandma's throwing a big partay
because she turned 80!

Double party in my head.

edit: whooops! Being a little to enthousiastic, it's published on 23.59 but it has to be the 16th of August haha :)

What a beautiful day

But offcourse,
my boss called yesterday -not even to congratulate me!- only to ask if i could work longer today. And stupid as i am,
i said 'hmm okay'.
Which means i can't enjoy this beautiful sunny day.
To work at least till 9PM. Arrghh. Why me?



Hahahaha not this funny geisha one xD

My amore! 55-200 Nikon lens

Yess! I just turned 18 & I feel so happy :)
Got some presents already, like a Martini mix set from my little sister (looks cute!) andddd my precious Nikon lens!
Whooo I really did not expect that present, a real surprise !

And (also precious hehe) Dawya & Nancy have called my just after midnight to congratulate me & singing beautiful birthday songs 'nd stuff.

I'm really feeling the birthdaygirl vibe right now hahahha.


Famous nobody

This man acted so obviously gay, it scared me a bit. He touched, scratched, hugged those Disney performers so excessive, i was feeling sorry for them. Okay guy you're a happy gay, but does that give you the right to almost rape your colleagues? xD

Who's your daddy?

Hahaha lucky enough none of them ís my dad.
But as you see: In Disney you can be anyone you want..
When you look like this 'in real life' everybody will laugh & point at you, but in Disney you're almost a loser when not dressed up (okay i'm a loser!)

By the way. This is my 100th post! :)


Parisian kids are smarter

I bet his mother thought:
Lovely husband, why exactly did we spend 300€ to this baby buggy?


Soon: a day in London

Just fixed a day of from work,
now we only have to make a reservation & it's done!
22th of August i'll be a day in London with my little sister :)

Here we come...!

People are ants

in the sunny, hot Louvre


Current addiction: Lucky paper stars

These days i'm folding all kinds of paper into mini origami stars: Lucky Paper Stars.
Read an 'how-to' about it last week, and right now i'm busy folding those stars. Although it has no purpose, it's just fun & addicting to do! I still use regular paper, from magazines or just white, but there even exist real LPS paper.
I read it's a popular thing to do in some Asian countries (like Japan), where they fold a lot of stars, put them in a jar & give them to people they like. It may bring some luck haha.
Just google 'how to fold lucky paper stars' if you want to try it ;)

Want: Two finger ring

Like this silver bird, but right now i only find expensive ones,
or those ugly "customized name rings - Be like Lauren Conrad! - crap". Allright they can look cute on you but i don't like those name things. For me just a bird, snake, bow, or whatever, just a nice one.

Picnic fever

Today (actually yesterday) i went to picnic at Euromastpark for Nancy's birthday & there was sooo much food! Nasi, salad, bread, candy, cookies..
We even had ice from a driving ice-cream man.
It was relaxing. Sun, food, fun, chilling.

Excusez-moi, I'm too lazy to update my blog right now.

And happy birthday again again old baby! 20 isn't that bad...