Delicious Dutch December food

Got my first oliebol today, from the absolute winner if we believe the test in a Dutch paper, and i loveee it!
My dad bought 30(!) pieces & right now I feel like eatin them all... With lots of regrets afterwards hehe.


Ça va?

Feeding my French mind today with this jumper i bought @ New Look. It was so crowded in Rotterdam, i only got this jumper and another comfy black one.
All those people, everything seemed to be gratuit!
But at warehouse Bijenkorf there suddenly was a pianist who made the most beautiful music, a welcome moment of calmness..


No electricity = boring

Today we had to deal with electricity interruptions twice:
3 hours at night (i didn't care - i was sleepin hehe) & another hour till a moment ago. Dad was preparing diner so he had to finish it with some candle light. Electricity loves me.

Happy enough it is back now, so i don't miss my programs on tv!


Havin a good time with Christmas

Yesterday i went to my grandparents to celebrate Christmas with the whole family.
Screaming, laughing, fun, fooood!

My aunt brought me two Lipsmackers (Watermelon & Vanilla) from Florida!


AA polish

Just read from now on American Apparel is selling nail polish too!
Awesome colors like grey, dark green and dark blue are making me excited. Already online for 6$ and some stores, in Dutch stores soon for 5€. I want.

Pictures from americanapparel.net


Waylon. The first Dutch singer who signed a record deal with Motown. And he´s hot.

And now bold!

He has shaved his beautiful hair off for €2500,- which he donated to a charity that helps fight malaria.

Sweet deed, but please grow that nice hair back!


They cancelled London

You better mind Snelle Vliet.
Okay, the heavy snow was the cause of cancelling my trip but.. they also put my on the wrong date!
So when there was no snow at all, I wouldn't be able to join the trip too. I was set on December 12 instead of the 22th.
Now i have to make up a letter for them including the e-mail i got, so they can see how they will fix it.

Bye bye Topshop, Covent Garden, street artists, Christmas happiness, Oxford Street,
Paperchase, Starbucks Coffee, singer Luca, Selfridges,

Marc by Marc Jacobs Store, etceteraaa...



Don't do this to me

Yesterday night it happened. My laptop got out of order due to a burned out adapter..
Pro: It will be fixed for free, because of the warranty.
Con: No laptop use the coming 1 or 2 months!!!

With no Blackberry at my side and a prehistoric computer in the cold attic, I'm definitely not happy.

What did i do wrong? (okay i used it a lot this two years but hey that isn't an excuse!)

Every electronic thing rather wants to die than to live with me.. My PSP is still out of order & the radio i talked about last week was trying to leave me too. Only my iPod has to run away.

will sleep for 1 - 2 months.



Don't cancel my London trip pleasee!

Hide the snow for a moment and i'll be happy as a child.


NS is drama


Dus wat, NS heeft wel ruim 600 minuten van mijn leven gekost vandaag. DAT IS PAS ERG.
Waarom duurt een rit van R'dam - Hilversum - R'dam  door sneeuw niet 2.5 uur, maar 10 uur? Ik kon wel huilen.
En dan een coupé delen met een man die over zichzelf geplast had.
Dag NS.

Heenweg ook fijn. Sta je op Utrecht, zie je trein, hop erin.
Een half uur later: "Pingpong! U kunt in de trein naar Hilversum blijven zitten, maar helaas weten we niet wanneer deze vertrekt. Dit vanwege tekort aan machinisten."
WHAT. Zijn ze naar huis ofzo?
Compensatie: Gratis thee uit de Kiosk. 
Stop die thee lekker ergens ver ver weg, ik wil VERVOER! Soortvan ik zoek een tv, nee we hebben wel een aquarium voor u?

Maaar ik heb wel Life4You bijgewoond (3 januari de enige 3 allochtonen te spotten op tv), de nieuwe cd van Gerard Joling gekregen -wie wil dat nou niet-, een vol Staatslot, Mika live gezien, Paul de Leeuw gespot en door de catacomben van het Mediapark gereden in een treintje met een vriendelijke gozer (geen 31 jaar oud Nancy).

Thank God

My CD player is still alive! Today i was listening while he suddenly stopped out of nothing.... I was like NOOOO, don't you die on me! How expensive is a new one?! I don't want to buy a new one!
After 20 years of good work i thought he was dead.
But i wouldn't give up; ticking on it, pullin all the plugs out..
And after a couple of minutes he was back! Phew.
Whooo see the awesomeness, a motor-driven CD door!!!
Nowadays you have to beg for something not motor-driven
but hey don't fool with this oldie : D


Little prince Robbie watches MTV too

Beyoncé takes over the world. Spoiled dog.

Space français

Book: French homework
Golden pen: Fisher Space Pen

Little piece of paper: AH Fortune cookie

Daddy came home from England today and bought me a golden Space Pen. Developed for NASA, it's a pen that always writes - even upside down, under water or with 121°C!
How useful is that hehe.
Plus it doesn't look like some geeky crack invention, but just like a normal nice pen. 


Foood presents

Each year most companies in Holland give a box filled with food
(and sometimes goodies) as a big thanks to their employees.
I work at a supermarket, argh. But yeah, i got a Christmas box too!
I deserve the big thanks hehe.

This year it's like 95% food.. yummm

But it's definitely a crisis content hehe. I like more non-food products too : (

Oh lazy day

There i am. In my pyjamas, with no motive to do something.
Gosh i love to take on a warm sweater and have a nice long walk.

Should i stay or should i go? I don't know.


Midnight humour

Trick or Treat
Smell My Feet
Give Me Something Good To Eat

Got it from the profile of a dude from Texas who had sent me a postcard. He loves Halloween.


2010 wish: Marc Jacobs for H&M

Hennes & Mauritz with all those collaborations, three in one year (Matthew Williamson, Jimmy Choo, Sonia Rykiel),
we can't follow it anymore ! The world's running out of top designers when this craze goes on...

Well.Who's left?

Make 2010 your H&M year, Marc!


Skirts are for girls

Want a skirt like this, with black elastic on the upper. H&M had a similar one but i wasn't fully satisfied.
I dunno. It's getting colder and i'm starting to buy skirts?! 
Yeah right.


From Spijkcity with love

Today i had nothing to do in the morning so i decided to take the subway to Spijkenisse with a friend.
We never went there before so why not? We had nothing to lose.

As you see i bought a bunch of bracelets (H&M) and an Arabic character made of chocolate (Hema).
Last one is a popular gift at Sinterklaas, but Sinterklaas is back to Spain so this Arabic chocolate was 70% off!
A bonus gift for my mum.

Still in love with the Jackass

 This odd but perfect Marc by Marc Jacobs fanny pack
But it's way too expensive (about 35€) for something you love but probably won't use that much..



Who are you

Last night i dreamed about a guy named Yves, i saw his name standing with my name xD 
So i don't even know what the Yves in my dream looked like hehe..

But it wasn't the great YSL for sure. That's the only thing i know.


Let the holidays begin - ring

Opa's humor

Zie de maan schijnt in de kali,
Sinterklaas kepleset tai..

Het feit dat Sinterklaas in het rijmpje in de poep is uitgegleden,
is volgens opa meteen de reden waarom Sint niet meer bestaat.
Hij is gewoon dood, aldus opa.


Cute pic: Romain Duris

French actor.
Just found him while youtubing. What an ugly, unknown word.


Postcrossing map

Blue line = received cards
Pink line = sent cards

Yay another London day

As you may know i was in London in August, and now i'll be there around Christmas again! Although it's just a day trip, i'm definitely looking forward to it. Look at those lights, how lovely is that!


Second card!

Hurray another Postcrossing card arrived!
This time from Finland, written by Seke. Now i have to send a card to Taiwan and another one to Germany. There are still 3 cards on their way to me, i'm excited : D


Brand New Spring Wannahaves

Feels like Mafia Wars "Brass knuckles" haha

Just checked out some pics of H&M Spring collection @
http://caroline.feber.se/ and although most of the items aren't great and new, i liked the items above for example.

Will be in stores soon.



Ik ben bang dat ik mijn mooie blauwe usb-stick in de computer op school heb laten zitten. Dommerd!
Morgen maar kijken of iemand zo vriendelijk is geweest hem af te geven. Kan me namelijk niet indenken dat iemand zit te wachten op foto's van mijn oma's verjaardag en de volledige discography van Babylon Circus.

Dan nog, kopieer het alsjeblieft. Veel plezier ermee.
Maar ik wil wel gewoon mijn usb met schoolopdrachten, waarvan ik niet meer weet dat ik ze gemaakt heb hehe.

Lights on a rainy day

dark pics but you can feel the vibe hehe

Today i was in Amsterdam @ Amsterdam Convention Factory
for another student excursion, organised by my team.
The location is a beautiful former Stork factory, which you can really see.  Our guide showed us everything; on stage, backstage, down to creepy dark corridors... and those beautiful lights! Niceeee.


Yes I do

Offcourse i couldn't live like i have one deaf ear, so i immediately bought new earphones today. The same i had before, cheapo Philips ones (7€) but they work well.
First i thought about buying some nice Sennheisers (like 30€), but i'm not that rich these days.. And now i don't have to cry if something happens to them instead of some expensive ones haha.

In the afternoon i went to the movie 'New York, I Love You'. Lovely movie, it's not a mainstream, but just beautiful and sometimes very funny ;)

Too bad Shia LeBeouf played a disabled hotel employee and not a tough bloke this time. Ahhhw his eyes looked so incredible sad!


My right earphone died

just a minute ago...
Have to buy a new one asap.

Sleep well everyone!


Danke schön!

I received my first postcard today with Postcrossing, from Christina aus Germany


 Here is where you find this weird creatures..

What the hell ! How can a necklace like this ever be sold out?? Well, i'll tell ya if you didn't (want to) recognize it, it's a necklace with your own duplicated vulva..... All i can say is ewwwww.

And tell me when you see someone walking with it. 


Fashion: Berber Soepboer

Found a lovely new Dutch fashion designer with Google today; the 26 year old Berber Soepboer.

Here are some things i love most;

We're gonna hear a lot of her, if you ask me!