They cancelled London

You better mind Snelle Vliet.
Okay, the heavy snow was the cause of cancelling my trip but.. they also put my on the wrong date!
So when there was no snow at all, I wouldn't be able to join the trip too. I was set on December 12 instead of the 22th.
Now i have to make up a letter for them including the e-mail i got, so they can see how they will fix it.

Bye bye Topshop, Covent Garden, street artists, Christmas happiness, Oxford Street,
Paperchase, Starbucks Coffee, singer Luca, Selfridges,

Marc by Marc Jacobs Store, etceteraaa...

2 opmerkingen:

  1. what a bummer!!
    i'm sure there will be a next time..
    happy holidays :)

  2. oh the tubes are really annoying
    they only seem to be working when a football match is on :(