Freezin cold

Almost February and of course today...... it started snowing! Damn give me Spring, you had the chance in December. Planning to stay inside tomorrow & going to see James Franco's movie Francophrenia at 6PM.


Awesome director is awesome

The whole audience waited for his speech before the IFFR film
'Le Havre' started. There he stood, watching the ground, stumbling some phrases as if he doesn't speak English at all. Everyone instantly loved the Finnish director Aki Kaurismäki.

His speech:
Thanks to my daughter....which i never had....Thanks to my grandma....for being born..... I'll do my best, but that's not much. But it's more than someone else's best....


Frozen alive

Today i worked at Rotterdam Central Station to help people finding the locations of International Film Festival.
Five hours outside in the rain, damnnnn. But besides the conditions it felt good to work for the festival again for a day.


IFFR 2012 started!

Today the International Film Festival Rotterdam started and i got all my tickets. Four movies this time (sure i wanna see more), because i'm not a millionaire [yet].
Woohoo once again, excited for this awesome festival!

7:24 bus to station - 7:46 train to Rotterdam - 8:00 waiting in line for IFFR tickets - 9:00 box office opened - 9:15 finally inside - 9:45 next in line - 10:00 buying tickets - 10:30 school



#allermooistefeestje is trending on Twitter today for this new song

Went last Friday to a gig of my current obsession; Mr. Polska.
And to make it even more complete, he showed up with his whole group Nouveau Riche. The crowd was kinda lame, other location would help but in the end I WAS THERE.
Freakshows unite, i'm satisfied for now. Oh and, their producer Boaz deserves real pride for his beats.


Mondrian nails

Made this nail art inspired by Dutch painter Piet Mondriaan. Tomorrow my last exam about new media... featuring a 300 paged book i haven't read woohooo. Awesome. See ya in couple of days.


Sale started!

Bought this warm coat at H&M, already had a wintercoat but the sale started so i had to have this one hehe. Now i have to save some money for the coming time. 


Fashion Chalet Giveaway !

Today i found this awesome giveaway where you can win the Balenciaga bag that's shown above! Only thing you have to do, is share this giveaway on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, whatever.
You can participate till January 12. Check her blog HERE for the conditions. GO GO GO!


Sunday, awesome Sunday

That's right & i love this form of entertainment. 

But today i have major problems with finishing exercises for school. MY LAST ONES. As always.
I had such great ideas (as always) of making it in the first holiday week, but yeah once again.... it's the friggin last day and still two papers to go. My mind says make it, but my brain is just chillin. Like a villain.


Some fresh music at night

White boy Brazilian with a crowd of pretty ladies where lots of musicians can dream of.


Toy Story clouds

Nail polishes:
Light blue - Primark (set of 4 mini bottles)
White  - Catrice (470 - Snow Motion!)


Gadget level: 100

Bought this little diary last week at Bol.com.
It lasts for five years and everyday you have to describe your day in just one line. No big drama issues, no rewrites of conversations you had, just a summary or an inspiring line about that day.
Hope i'll be keepin it up for the coming five years!