Ice is friggin' nice

Even if it's cold outside, 
colorful ice like this still makes me happy as a child.


Coat! Dress! Belt!

Bought some nice clothes this week @ New Look and Primark,
now i'm super happy!

Shopping compensates my dentist time i guess ;p
Today i looked like a girl who was struck by a stroke or something, hanging mouth, weird voice the first hours, everything.
People did look crazy at me, they definitely thought i'm always a freakshow like that haha..
Lucky enough i got nurse Nancy with me !

Ahhhhw cute !

French. Cute. Guitar. Lovely voice. 

Need i say more? Je voudrais! : D


If you have too much money these days

 6-7 nov MAC Technique workshop @ Douglas Rotterdam
Price: 35€
You get: a workshop about how-to-uses with MAC products
+ a 35€ cheque to buy some products immediately.

Too bad i'm just a poor little student.

Dentist says

If you want to eat a candy, a cookie or whatever containing sugar;

Say NO & eat some yummy olives with crackers!

Righht. I thought she was a dentist, not a dietist?
Or doesn't she know the difference herself?



@ Hilversum

Back to business

Today i went the Netherlands Institute for Sound and Vision in Hilversum to meet up with an employee. S&V is one of the largest audio-visual archives in Europe.
He guided us through all the archives and it was sooo cool!
Reason for my visit was to arrange an excursion to this institute, part of a project for school i'm joinin. 

Not my own pics, but take a look at that impressive building!

pics by Museumz & Nai 



Sleepy grumpy dopey

Don't forget to set your clocks back 1 hour tonight : )
Damn nice bed, come to me !
Someone who can afford a Hästens has to buy one haha. For me.

Next week new promotion: 
collect Snow white and the 7 dwarfs @ Albert Heijn.
For every 15€ you get one figure.  Run, kids, run!

Wintertime is coming!

1994; Like a chinese with my buddy Igor

But i don't like the coldness.


Dutch post

Moet zo rijden, over 20 minuutjes. Matthijs van Nieuwkerk heeft voor het eerst een pak aan, een mooi zwart pak.

Ook heb ik een bananen deegbal op wat een appelbeignet voor moest stellen.. 1 schijfje banaan wat is dat nou.

Helemaal voor een appelbeignet.


I don't know what exactly have to change

But i kinda hate my background color & header.

I've changed it a lot already this week, so be prepared for more..


Sick story

I've vomited yesterday in a trash can next to a restaurant @ metro station Zuidplein. Eww what's happening with me, first i was coughing & all that stuff, WHY ME !

Happy enough i saw my bus immediately (first time in 3000 years), so i ran to it without facing my aged audience..

Is there snow already?

      Sonia Rykiel @ net-a-porter

  Marc Jacobs' Sascha bag

I have to shop for warm sweaters, cardigans, etc. Love this
Sonia Rykiel (for 510€, yess très cher).
Annnd another want; the newest Marc Jacobs bag, Sascha! 


Drunk guy (2007)

 @ Spain

Found some old pics on my other prehistoric pc, forgot their existence,
but now they're back on my precious laptop!
Today my dentist drilled two cavities argh. Next week i'll meet up with her again to talk about my foodlist i told about & mr. dentist will drill even more..

Tomorrow i have to work agaiiin & i have my 9th driving lesson!
I like driving.

Arty entrance (2006)

Wondering if this Omnia bar still looks the same @ Lille, France.


Creative day

Made a moodboard for school this week, to show what i like, want, think etc. No self-made pics, we had to pretend we found the pics in random magazines.


XL Drama queenage

HAHAHA i haven't got a tattoo (who knows someday) but this looks ridiculous! Hehe the tattooers are so funny they can't stop laughing at her & saying people outside almost think it's a murder scene in there xD



Dsquared2/MAC Lip Erase

It sounds so incredibly useful, i just want this, i need this...
Lip Erase is a product that (as it says) 'erases' your own lipcolor, so when you gonna wear lipgloss/stick it gives your lips more the actual color of the gloss or stick.
It's part of the Limited Edition Dsquared2 for MAC collection; will be sold this month in MAC stores all over the world, and in Holland only in the Amsterdam store.

Goshh i'm saying 'i need this' a lot, even though i don't need it offcourse but just really want it haha.
I'm a bit sick this week, today a day in bed hoping i'll be good tomorrow (okay i'm not dieing hehe, but i sound terrible with all that coughing & sniffling). Maybe i need a Shia LeBoeuf- like male nurse?
Omg hahaha, sickness makes me annoying. I meant to put a cute pic of him here xD


Goodmornin dentist.

This morning i visited my dentist at like 7:50 AM, whooo-hooo. She checked my teeth & said ahhh nice looks nice blabla.
But then she decided to take a picture of my teeth.
And suddenly she said huhhh!? What's up? 4 little baby holes in my teeth. I don't even know where exactly they should be..

Arghh. And the dentist asked if i was drinking lots of soft drink and stuff. Answer: No.

Now i feel like a friggin' Weight Watchers-member,
because Miss Dentist gave me a list where i have to write EVERYTHING i eat or drink for 2 weeks on. After that i've got another appointment with her to talk about my list.
Bad girl! You ate one whole fruitbiscuit?!


Sooo cold!

Right now it's cold in the Netherlands! Very weird, yesterday it was sunny & like 20 degrees, but in the evenings it's freeeezing!
Wearing a sweater, scarf, etc..