Dsquared2/MAC Lip Erase

It sounds so incredibly useful, i just want this, i need this...
Lip Erase is a product that (as it says) 'erases' your own lipcolor, so when you gonna wear lipgloss/stick it gives your lips more the actual color of the gloss or stick.
It's part of the Limited Edition Dsquared2 for MAC collection; will be sold this month in MAC stores all over the world, and in Holland only in the Amsterdam store.

Goshh i'm saying 'i need this' a lot, even though i don't need it offcourse but just really want it haha.
I'm a bit sick this week, today a day in bed hoping i'll be good tomorrow (okay i'm not dieing hehe, but i sound terrible with all that coughing & sniffling). Maybe i need a Shia LeBoeuf- like male nurse?
Omg hahaha, sickness makes me annoying. I meant to put a cute pic of him here xD

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