Berliner Bären

How cute! Got left one from my colleague Joy & the right one (bonus: candy bärs inside!) from my little sister. This week they were visiting Berlin with high school.


Love factory

You may have seen my other posts, so okay, i'm kinda like obsessed with stickers. It's not like i'm going to toyshops buying stickers, but i always take pictures of them when i see some interesting ones in town.

Hey! A dancing pirate! (and one hot guy)

@ Pasar TTF


Relax your mind

School, school, school. I'm done with it for today, this week, or even this year. It's too much, too unclear & just boringg.
Give me some tea please?


Hello my name is Yamase.

But who the hell is Yamase? Is he a Japanese tourist who wrote his name on like 50 stickers & took those from Japan to Holland to stick them like everywhere in The Hague?
Or is it just a bored student who decided to make this his new hobby?


Converse sucks!

Today i went to Rotterdam with Nancy, because we read there should be hanging Converse Allstars in trees, which you can have for free if you find one.
Yes SHOULD. Because we walked & walked & walked & walked but in none of the trees hung a pair of Converses..
And the website still says happily:
Nothing to do? Go find that shoe!

I say: Thanks Converse for torturing me.

But lucky enough, there are always pigeons around haha.


Wanna buy some cheapo crap?

You may find beautiful collector's items, worth €1000... never know.


Turtle times

Meet my fat turtle Basil, he's one lazy thing and way to spoiled. Always wants to go outside, and till you put him there, he is ticking all day against the window of his place. Annoying!

(on the background you see my sister's turtle Catootje)


I want to ride my bicycle

I want to ride it where i like...

Really, i feel like biking right now. Allright it's like 23.17 now and there is no sun anymore so a bit cold i guess, but i like to go biking. Just to feel active, to enjoy the sun if it's there, and to go somewhere.
At the moment i feel bored by using bus and subway almost everyday.

Who wants to join me?


Bad boy!

Watch out ya little pigeons! See what's happening with


when one of you gets bad..

Well. Then you're kind of a dead man. Ehm pigeon.
See, everything is possible in The Hague, so escape before their minds are changed!


Get the picture

When i was eating sushi someday @ Dim Daily Rotterdam, i saw something what's triggering me.
Two tailor's dummies standing behind a window.
Maybe i'm insane or what, but it makes me think about their place. What kind of place would it be? A studio of some famous fashion designer? Or is it just a silly storage where someone has dumped his stuff? Who knows.


I love food.

Mochi red bean, i love eatink. The red bean paste looks a little like nasty black pulp on the pic, but whatever, food = food.



Some sticker was asking me, so what i want-want-want, is:
  • To go to Babylon Circus in 'Het Paard' Den Haag, but in fact they have just played or playing right now. Too bad.
  • A nice nice darkbrown leather jacket.
  • A cute watch (check! It has just arrived from London, bought it on Ebay)
  • A trip to whatever, just to be somewhere else than here, boring schoollife.


Lost yar dog?

Or just released him forever?

Oh and, just had my 100th visitor! Mail me your adress, and i'll send you a fridge! Allright i will not, but here is your fame, Vicky3489!


Here comes the sun

I'm looking outside seeing sunlight. It makes me want to dress like it's summer. I want to sit outside, not doing stuff for school or going to work pff!

I want icecream
I want to sit outside


Go with the flow @ Blijdorp Zoo

How sad. Some disabled flamingoes who are trying to fly all day long. The zoo shortened their wings i guess, or aren't flamingoes abled to fly anyway? Like a chicken hehe.


Une minute trop tôt ou une minute trop tard!

Yesterday (or by now almost the day before actually) i went to Bevrijdingsfestival in Rotterdam.
A musicfestival to celebrate freedom. First act was Babylon Circus, a band from France that rocked! Didn't knew the band before then, but i felt instantly in love with them. Even bought their last CD, but hey! they've signed it for me! :)
The next act was the Dutch band De staat. They were awesome too, but i still liked BC most. Don't know why, but i love love love songs in French.

J'adore des petits chanteurs français

De Staat


Haircut anyone?

When i was in The Hague, i walked by this weirdo door, that wants you to believe there's living a hairdresser named Frank after that door.
I'm wondering who's really visiting this cheapo looking hairdresser..
(Maybe he's very professional & great , but come on! What kind of salon is this?!)

Mr. Littley

Last Friday i went to Blijdorp Zoo in Rotterdam, with my mother and sister. After taking some regular pictures like an elephant, a fish and a lion, i saw this cutieee little boy running ! Ahhhhww! :)
I'll post more (regular) pics later.


In Rotterdam

Just a day in Rotterdam. I should go to Euromast with my mother, but after waiting like 45 minutes in the 'Stadswinkel', it turned out to some trouble about a discountpass, so we decided just to go take pictures in the city.

Sushi & tea

Underground @ metrostation Wilhelminaplein

Luxor theatre

Survive in The Hague

Couple of weeks ago i was in The Hague with a friend, with just six euros or something, and our cameras.
So after we gave our last money for hamburgers & yoghurt
@ McDonald's, we spend the day walking through the city, taking pictures and watching people.
Although we couldn't buy anything but some food, it was a fun day :)


Keep on running!

And there i was, the 5th of April, with my new love called
Nikon D60 @ Rotterdam Marathon 2009.
I made pictures of everyone i wanted, even if they looked at me with the deadliest face you can imagine.
To say thanks in some way i screamed 'Kom op! Hou vol! Goed gedaan!' & clapped my hands till they were red and tired.

Guy in red smiles pretty cute though

By the way, if you recognize someone, tell him he's famous hehe.

The start.

Pictures made a while ago, i guess it was around februari;
Utrecht, markt, etc.
We had to make 'markt'photos for a journalism report @ school.

Although it's a pretty blurry pic, i like it somehow

A guy with a boat who is fishing bikes in Utrecht

Why does all those signs have to be sooo overdone:
I still don't believe every single fish is that superb..