but after waiting for hours i got my ticket for Les amours!
and some hotwings!
and seaweed snacks!
and i met a lookalike Pete Philly!


Bought this rubik's cube pouch from JC/DC today & mum + the lovely tiger went with me

Preparing for IFFR....

Whoohoooo it's almost time for Rotterdam's best moment in the year, the 40th International Film Festival Rotterdam:

Monday - volunteer ticket reservation time
Tuesday - first shift at the merchandise booth
Wednesday - getting my pass and stuff + evening shift at merch
Thursday - first day to watch moviessss!


Okay in my head i'd imagined the most beautiful picture of a sunny hill and a cage with an opened door like you've been released and got back your damn freedom with the sight of a green field so nice you can only dream of it.

Googles superior refined interpretation of it:
Thank you for understanding me so well, Google.


I don't even get it myself why i always decide to fix the most unimportant things in the middle of the night.There is absolutely NO reason why it couldn't wait till tomorrow..

The only thing that counts tomorrow is being on time at work. And no i wasn't fixing that.


The first day of a new year

  • I've repeated the Christmas foodness like i haven't got ANY food in 2010 at all (hi kue talam, hi macaroni, hi candy, hi kue lapis surabaya, hi cookies!)
  • Last two weeks of my internship at the printing office
  • All the snow outside melted so the world isn't white anymore
  • Spending time with the family againn, next time will be Tuesday - sister's birthday
  • Excitement for what 2011 will bring......
PS: This is my 2nd lost weekend! It doesn't feel like a weekend at all, just like a longer week without any rest. Not good, give me another weekend like that and i will be like an insane retarded & broken machine.