Argh.. tomorrow the final presentation of my differentiation minor Visual Knowlege Building. I've heard frightening stories of the people who have done it already.. I DON'T WANT TO



check out Iron Mermaiden's cool color effect on the bottom
This week Catrice has introduced about 19 new colors, so for sure the hunting season is open again!
I've chosen two new colors (410 - Pool Party At Night & 490 - Iron Mermaiden) and the prismatic effects topcoat. Guess i'm gonna try this topcoat tomorrow to spice up my red nails.
Oh no.... already feel the need to buy more of them brothers and sisters to join my precious collection..

PS. I really really really need a big nail polish display. NOW


Late Christmas present

Last weekend i went to shopping mall Alexandrium in Rotterdam with my mum.
From the Rituals store i picked the products shown above: Yin bed & body mist, Mei Dao body cream and Eve's Kiss lip threatment.
Lucky me cause i used the gift voucher i got for Christmas at my internship, so it only cost me 1,70€.
I like the products so far, they seem to be caring and also smell really great. Normally i skip stores like Rituals because of the price, i'm not a friggin billionaire.


Catrice on top

Catrice is doing sooo well since they've launched their Ultimate Nail Lacquer line in March 2010. I bet the company members are so happy at the moment, because every single thing they make seems to be popular!
Their whole collection looks nice, complete with Shu Uemura inspired eyeshadows & cheap nail polishes in almost every color you can imagine. I need to have some new stuff asap!

Collection Fifi Lapin @ Pimkie

Whooo i haven't been at Pimkie since i was 12 years old (good old times when i was wearing a yellow neon panty, glitterprinted shirts and carried a Pikachu bag).

It felt strange to visit the store after years but must admit: their products aren't even that bad at the moment!
What doesn't attract me though is the fact most of the stuff looks kinda overpriced to me. Brands like H&M and New Look have similar items but with a way better price.


Current TV obsession: Basta neveneffecten

*smeltz* for the second one hehehe

I've been watching the Belgian tv programme Basta constantly these days. A bunch of nephews who also made the comic series of Kabouter Wesley (which i also like a lot).
Conclusion: no matter what they do, Belgians are cute. 
Just the way they talk, their unlimited politeness, the stupid things they do in the show, the funny things are even funnier because they're Belgian.... too bad it were only 6 episodes!


Not only diamonds....

....can make a girl happy
Look what i bought couple a days ago at the Action store in Rotterdam: awesome rings for only 0,69€ per piece!
This rings are becoming more and more popular at forum sites & yeah it did make me happy to still find them in store. Yes!


Oops! Petit erreur!

You cannot always satisfy everyone. 
In the end i'm the crazy person with a motorcycle on my back. 
Too bad mais je ne regrette rien maintenant.