Parisians (or just someone who knows); Help me!

Who knows what this kind of "Pac-man"-like signs mean and why you can find them everywhere in Paris?

Thanks a lot, I really want to know the reason haha!

edit: I don't need any Parisian for this, i just need Délana : D
But thanks if someone else has thought about it too :)


I'm sorry boy

..but you're cute..

okay, you're not.

Waiting in line in Disneyland Paris ís hard! Everyone gets tired then. This boy did look really cute, but when his body started saying he was tired, i got his worst face on camera hahaha.


Extreme attention-addict

Living statue doing his job...

...untill he notices me taking pictures of him. He decided to strike poses for me. I gave him some coins as a reward.

Two people end up happy with something so close to nothing. That's something i call just that little things in life. It makes me feel so blissful.


Paris day 1: Centre Pompidou

The right man is obviously triggered by the living statue
who seems to walk in a storm

The scariest clown of Paris who made balloons for kids, on this one he wrote something like 'Sandoc le clown'

Back from Paris!!

I'm sooo sorry for my lack of updates this week, but i was from last Sunday untill today (Saturday evening to be honest) in Paris on vacation! And i had no internet at all, otherwise i had to pay a lot for one bad connection.. So bad week for my inet addiction, lot of emails to read, blogs to check, etc etc.
Right now i'm really tired so tomorrow i will post some Paris pics when i've put them on the pc!

Sleep well everybody! :)


Mirror image

With my sister, i'm still the one in white

With my hidden left foot

After hearing the phrase "I want to see the bunnies" for like three weeks, i was like "Allright. Alright.." & decided to visit the bunnies with my sister. I didn't know what kind of bunnies she meant, so when i saw big black bunny statues i was a little confused.
They're standing around the Kunsthal, a museum in Rotterdam.


I'm such a story teller, lotta words each post xD


Hey! I've met you in my dreams last night!

He didn't look this poshy in my dream

Last night Christophe Millot (a.k.a. Rimbaud) suddenly appeared in my dreams! He's the saxophonist, clarinettist and accordeonist of the French ska band Babylon Circus. In my dreams we met at a courtyard, where some people were sitting on picnictables too. They didn't mention us and even my mum sat there, chatting with some people i don't know. Weird, fun dream!
I've seen Babylon Circus perform last May and met them short afterwards (at that moment i didn't really know who they are actually haha, but they were nicee), but since them i just adore this band!
During their performance in Rotterdam, i didn't know any of their songs well, i was just dancing and listening and some mumbling hahaha. But right now, almost three months later, i know all of the songs from their latest cd, even when i only hear the first tunes of a song xD And still lovin it!
By the way, they're performing at Lowlands & i've got no ticket : ( Too bad!


When i checked my letter box last Wednesday, i found one crazy golden package. My name was on it, so excited about what was in there, i unwrapped the present.
Finding.... a Brüno goodies set ! xD
Including a big yellow Vassüp t-shirt, a Brüno mirror & two free tickets for the movie (not a première, but still bonus..) hahahha.
I join many contests, just for fun but i never expect to win ;) I don't even remember when i've joined this one haha. I feel like Brüno is following me, cause i've seen the movie earlier this week. After watching it i said it has funny parts, but wasn't amazing.
And now Brüno is seducing me to watch him again...


Want: Olympus Pen

Vintage Pen

Pen anno 2009

Just read about the new Olympus Pen, a combination of a digital camera & a single-lens reflex cam. New is it looks like a digital one, but you can put different lenses on it.
And ohhh he looks so retro, so gorgeouss, i just NEED it!
Okay i obviously don't need it xD, because i bought my Nikon D60 SLR in March & this Olympus costs about 700€.
But still, i want this beauty someday, or at least the cute vintage one, even if i'm going to use the vintage just to wear as an accessory (if it's a broke one)...

La Tour Eiffel

Sunday I'm off to Paris!
Eiffel Tower, Montmartre, Marc by Marc Jacobs store,
here i come! :)


by Marco de Swart, thanks a lot!

A picture of Monday's Improv Everywhere mission.
Got these from a daily paper photographer who took pictures of the happening. I'm the one in white by the way.
Tomorrow i'll be joining their MP3 experiment, excited!


Improv Everywhere #2

The best pic i could get of myself there haha, well thanks Mark :)

Joined the group of Improv Everywhere again today, but in my opinion yesterday was more fun.
Today we had to go to one place in Rotterdam, where we just started laughing for about 5 minutes. About nothing. There were some surprised people; some of them even started to laugh too! But it was in the morning 11.45 AM, so there weren't that much people around.

Thursday is the so called MP3 experiment, i'm curious how that is going to be..


Alien alert!

Robbie the Puppie

Today's Improv Everywhere was a lotta fun, so i'll be joining them tomorrow as well!
The mission was to freeze for 5 minutes at Stadhuisplein, a plaza full of restaurants. We were with like 170 people,
so called 'agents'. People who were sitting there and didn't know what was happening, were like 'Huh?! What the hack? It was 5:45 and suddenly they all stood still! What exactly ìs this?!'

Hahaha it was so funny, i'm looking forward to tomorrow!


Tomorrow's activity

"Human Mirror"

The crazy improvisation group called Improv Everywhere, is going to entertain Rotterdam this week!
They're known by the scenes they cause, like 200 people frozen @ New York Grand Central Station.
After watching some vids on Youtube & reading articles at their site (improveverywhere.com), i was really like woww i want to join that! :)

Tomorrow 5PM is their first mission and Tuesday 11AM their second. I guess i'm going to join both of them, if the first one turnes out nice.
Later this week they're gonna do some more missions, so we'll see!


DIY: Customize a T-shirt

Yesterday i bought this white V-neck shirt at Hema, after watching Brüno in the cinema with Nancy. Wasn't worth my dear money i think, funny moments but not amazing though.
Burn number two: Haven't got my Vapiano dessert 'crema di fragola'. Had some lemon pie from Dudok instead.
Burn number three: I wanted to customize my brand new shirt when i was home, but mummy said i had to wash it first.

Finally after a day of hard work today, my shirt was ready to use.
I chose an image from Mike Perry's 'Iron me on' book & started ironing. 2 minutes later it was done. I only had to wait some minutes till the sheet cooled down.

I like to be creative, but this wasn't difficult at all. It made me wanna customize more things, but i ran out of useful things.
Soon i want to buy more shirts, and i'm gonna look for some bags to use too.

Really cool book

Bought this book @ Urban Outfitters in Antwerp, for 10€.
It's a book with iron-on pictures to customize t-shirts, bags, whatever you like.
On the first page there are some really useful instructions, followed by more than 30 iron-ons. You only have to cut out the image you want, place it on the garment and iron it on... great!


Beautiful building @ Belgium

Luxurious champagne bar on a floating plateau (by the way my eyes were closed on the pic, but you can't see it lol)

This pics are made in 'De Stadsfeestzaal' in Antwerp. It's built in 1908 & was used for expositions and party's before almost the whole building burned down in 2000. After renovations the building opened again in 2007, as a luxurious shoppingcenter.

Dancing queen

Cutie girl spotted @ Metropolis Festival Rotterdam


The 50th person is not allowed.

When i was in Antwerp, i saw those stickersigns on some stores. Max. 49 persons, 213 or 87....
I thought who the hell is counting if there are really that amount of people inside plus i've never seen LE Adidas for 15€ but normally, nahh.

Yeah right.

First of all it's a schildpad and not a schilpad.
Just found this advertisement, where someone who's calling himself 'Neighbour_477518' offers a turtle, including a hammer.
I was really like; whát?! Like you buy his turtle & when you don't like him anymore - here is a hammer!
So a little bit distracted i clicked on the advert, seeing the man meaned to offer just a toy. Very clear xD


Nice outfit, grandpa!

Spotted @ Metropolis Festival last Sunday. I saw this man like everywhere, at every single act, dancing wild. On his pants he had written some band names he likes (i guess) like Foo Fighters and Ramones. Also he was wearing orange sunglasses and there were statements like 'Love is nice', 'Brainstorm' etc.etc. on his clothes.
I wondered why he was wearing it & if he made it himself, but he looked too strange to ask him..


Why sky

Yesterday the clouds looked so big...

By the way, have you mentioned that? Since i have vacation i'm posting almost every day & sometimes even more than one article. Although i don't have to do a lot these days, at the end of the day i feel tired like i've got a fulltime job..
Allright, now you think i'm just one lazy bastard, who's spending time at home all day blogging, but actually i'm not that much at home being lazy.
I spend my time with friends, shopping, travelling, taking pictures, some working and offcourse a lot of chilling haha ;)

Ghost dog


A day @ Metropolis Festival

Baddies; made with my crapbo cam again

Went to Metropolis today, a free music festival in Rotterdam with all kinds of (almost known) artists. It was hot and full of people, but veryy nice. Chilling in the grass on a sunny day with nice music, what else do you want?


Can I get both of you?

Today we went to Ospel, a little town in Limburg, to get our second Belgian shepherd. Our first dog is called Barros & is already 9 years old. New one is called Robbie and is a real enfant terrible. Just lived one day with him, what made me so tired!
But he is adorablee :)

But offcourse i bought something

A very quick pic of a necklace i bought in Antwerp yesterday.
Bought it in the department store "Galeria Inno" and it was really a bargain: 8€ was the original price and now it was 50% off, so i got it for 4€ !
But also it was one of the only three products i bought that day, besides a fancy pin-cushions (2€) and a sunglass case of America Today for just 1€.
You can't be lucky all the time, but it definitely wasn't an expensive day ;)


Hmmm let's think.....

.... where did i put the band-aids?

Spotted on station Antwerpen-Centraal after an insufficient shoppingday.
I'm telling ya the 3 day sale in Antwerp isn't that great.
There are a lot of people, but no real bargains.
You better go to a regular sale in your country @ a store you like and you will end up way happier then fighting that heat & sweat!


Loner dance

Too much sun for me, i guess

Made with my crap camera because i wouldn't torture my SLR-cam by carrying it to theme park Efteling with those heat, rollercoasters & wildwater attractions.

Welcome to a place where everything is possible

"Handmade by children: Dogs -> 2,50 euro"

Ohohoh everything seems to be so different from 'real' world at indo-events.
You can sell illegal goods (like abon sapi) and they even advertise with sentences like Made by children. Last Sunday i was in Rotterdam @ Indonesia from A to Z.
Normally you would be like: awful they're using kids to make this, but they think it's a big plus or something.. They are almost proud. Freakshow.

Antwerp: next episode

Is she your ticket?

Asian feverr

Oh and i guess i'm going Antwerp again @ Friday -> final sale day!


Free food makes you look happy

People with NO food

People with FREE food in their tummy

Ultimate Belgian hotness

Dark hair, blue eyes, James Dean-ish & speaks cute Belgian ànd French, what else do you want.. (FYI: he was even wearing a fashionable Michael Jackson shirt ö)

I was taking this pictures undercover, while waiting like 90 minutes for a ride in a rollercoaster @ Efteling. And damn he was hot. The sun was, too. But this view made it less worse waiting for a ride that lasts not even 3 minutes..

You know this guy? Tell me svp hahahha.