Stop it

ARGHHH serious issues with Blogspot at the moment! I choose italics. I get enormous words. I choose enter. I get 5 enters.

Want: Dakine backpack

I haven't got a lot backpacks yet, only a yellow Eastpak if i'm right but they sound/look so useful to me! All those zippers, pockets and stuff + you don't have a sore shoulder at the end of the day : D


Chi va piano, va sano e va lontano.

Yeah indeed it was a very very slow start with Vapiano Rotterdam, but finally coming Thursday they'll be open!!!


Go Netherlandssss!

Lol i couldn't find a nice pic, so a short video this time ;p

Today i watched soccer @ Dado bar in Rotterdam; it was unbelievably superhot and crowded in there but also a very nice atmosphere, way better than watching at home if you ask me hehe.
Everyone was screaming & dancing when they made a goal!

Unfortunately i don't think Holland is gonna make it coming Friday against Brazil... but we'll see!


My old favorite i forgot

Damnit Big Brovaz havin issues with sharing their clip, IT'S AN HONOUR that someone is still talking about you guys right..


A pair of sandals was all i needed this Summer

But instead i bought the black Keds, a pair of cheap-ass low boots and yesterday the Vans above! Aaaargh & i still haven't got those sandals or another pair of wedges i planned before...definitely not my strongest point hehe xD


Goodness: Ben & Jerry Chunky Monkey

Worst part; i don't even feel guilthy after eating a nice part of it ! First i was a Cookie Dough addict, but my grandma got me these and yeahh i love it!

Sorry Hannah Montana

found on tumblr


Fake: Tokidoki for Le Sportsac - Pirata

the real LeSportsac pattern
the fake one from Action

Last week i bought a little bag with pirate print at Action (1€).
Not because of the odd print which i don't like that much, but because i read it was a perfect fake of the Pirata products from Tokidoki for Le Sportsac. 
What i always like to do (strange enough) is buying a really cheap fake product & then googling for the real one to compare it at similarities... only when it's cheap to buy though!


LOL: Call me Obamakaynasha please


It's new

Lol i started a Bloglovin' account today, it said paste this link in a post. So don't know if i can delete this post now or something but i'm scared it will be going all wrong then xD


Let's try

the grey suede caused color differences on the pics xD 

Here a little experiment with the shoe chains i bought at H&M last week. I think they're pretty hard to combine... so if you have any idea of combining those chains, tell me : D 


Deux jours à Leyde

LOL: Bikes that stand here, will be thrown from the roof

Yesterday & today i was at Leiden University to take my international French exams. After a year of extra lessons business French it was time to prove myself. And i'll tell you that's HARD. And scary! Thursday was my spoken exam where they gave me a business text in Dutch which i had to prepare in 15 minutes. 
After that i had to talk 30 minutes about it in French while they listen and ask questions constantly. Today was the written part of my exam. Less scary. 

I think i went pretty good so i'm happy! The results will be there around August pfff long time to wait!


Puppy love

170$ at VERAMEAT

Like i said in August 2009, i like two finger rings. But i still haven't got one...just haven't found the affordable one for me i guess. 
At the moment i see more & more stores who start selling those rings, so maybe (after waiting almost a year!) there's a chance i'll find my ring soon!


My moment of fame

Yesterday i was pretending to be very united with my university InHolland, by reading their monthly InZine. Suddenly i saw an article about the excursion to Belgium i'd organized with my team & it has MY NAME IN IT.
Lol i met this girl who's working for InZine magazine at the excursion and hung out with her that day. So thank you Eva it's an honour hehe.

Thank you!

Couple of days ago i had the honour of receiving this award from Hanne (together with about 40 other persons lol) for the past comments i gave to her :)

Hehe okay so here you go guys: especially Anouk & DIY,
thanks for all those comments : D
After this two girls everyone who left me a sweet comment at least once & likes the cupcake is free to copy this award!

Goodnight everyone and see ya tomorrow!


Buys last week

Shoes - Keds 
Shopper bag - Adidas x Funkie House
Shoe chains to wear around boots or whatever - H&M 


Today: 2010 FIFA World Cup starts !

Yayyy for World Cup Football
Just watched the kick-off concert with Shakira and others, but today the first to matches will be played:
16:00 South Africa - Mexico
20:30 Uruguay - France

Whoo hoo at June 14 Netherlands will play their first match against Denmark, excitingg!


Anvers, baby!

Time for the annual Antwerp trip with Nancy!
It solves everything; even when you're poor, when you've got final exams the day after, whatever hehe ;p

What does Antwerp bring you instead:
Sun - good life - Xavier Dolan's - incredible calmness - the fact everyone wears nice clothes - NO UGGS AROUND - chocolate eclairsJutka&Riska - nice people - chillness - food - Kriek - little rain - Da Giovanni (LOL hot spot) - beautiful accesories - coktails spelled with only a 'k' - more Xavier Dolan's........ and so on!


Tropical box

Look at this funny box with a frozen coconut ice cream inside! Arghh too bad it's still very frozen.... i wanna try it!

Happy birthday grandpa!

lol sorry i already took a bite of the chicken xD 

Unfortunately i couldn't join my grandpa's birthday today (blame the tons of homework!) but of course my grandparents made a box of deliciouso food for me! Thank youu : D
Also there were big shrimps and some sate. I ate it all, i'm so full now... First time in 3 weeks i ate some rice because my diet said i wasn't allowed to, but yeah this time i couldn't say no eh?

LOL & normally i don't use italics a whole post long, but i don't know.. today i do!


Color by numbers

A month ago Topshop launched this beautiful looking range of make-up! I love the look, i want it all!
I'm only wondering if the collection has a good quality, because it's the first cosmetic line Topshop ever made..


Ahhhw Nate looks sad

Lol Chace Crawford was arrested for having a joint with him... Grrrr he looks angry!

Merde encore

Damn it !
I'm sorry for my bad words but seriously school is freakin me out !
Monday is the final day: time to give in all your work like papers, projects, crap & crap.

But of course how surprising(!) my own papers didn't finish themselves (or even started for me) and to make the fun just a little bit bigger the project with my classmates isn't finished too....... argh why aren't those things gone... Would make me a bit happier. Thinking about free empty homework-less days. Unfortunately not what they are right now...


Thanks mum!

Yesterday my mum made this necklace for me! Couple of days ago i saw the pic below & liked the idea a lot, so my mum decided to make one for me yayyy : D 


... days in sunny June!

It's June. Vapiano Rotterdam will open this month : D But when? Our strict diet time ends the 20th of June, so crema di fragola, pasta funghi & all the other nice stuff, i'm counting downnnn!

Till then i'm just thinking about tons of food.. like at this site: eFooddepot.com
Whoa how amazing is this; they sell like everything, from Dutch licorice from Venco to Indomie curly noodles! One bad thing... Sending the stuff to Holland costs you around 60$ !! For USA people it's only 4,88$ xD