290411 - Wedding Kate & William !

The whole world watched it & how wonderful to see how Britain has a fairytale feeling today.


I feel sad for America and his ban on Kinder Surprise eggs

Kinder Surprise is an Italian manufactured chocolate egg containing a small collectible toy. Each year there are several head collections of toys, together with some seasonal/limited editions. Real business in Europe.

On January 10, 2011, it was reported that a Kinder egg was seized from a woman's car during a random inspection while entering the United States from Canada. She was informed that bringing the egg into the United States could result in a $300 fine. ?!?! WHUTT

I just watched a German documentary about this surprise eggs i also bought when i was young & it's so interesting. 
All those facts, real collectors, business and even people who copy the real puppets because limiteds can be worth thousands of euros. It makes me wanna join that business full of obsessed people. Also because my inner-collector secretly loves it.
Who doesn't want this awesome eggs! Sure, AMERICA


Secret obsession: thrill rides & funfairs

It's the second time i saw this giant swing carroussel at the funfair in Amsterdam & everytime i see it, i just wanna go in.
Too bad my mum was so frightened she didn't want me to go, but i guess i'll go someday! Cannot refuse.


I need summer wear

Tomorrow i'm going to Amsterdam with mum, hope to find some clothes that fit the sunny weather wuuu


Sunny cycle

Yesterday and today we cycled around in Rotterdam, all together more than 40 kms! Hooray! 

Some new stuff

Finally i found a store where Essence's budget version of OPI's crack polish wasn't sold out! My first try today with yellow nail polish underneath failed, so better luck next time..
Also i got these NYC products with discount coupons. Had to bring some old make-up to the store & then i could trade it for a product of the NYC line. Freebies are the best : D


3:40 AM - time for some healthy food

And the delivery guy CAME! In the middle of the night! 
Unfortunately it took him almost an hour to bring chicken wings and kapsalon but wowww. 
Allright i got his stare like 'wth you crazeh, do you know what time it is o_O' but he seemed happy that i was actually going to pay & his travel wasn't just a lame prank made up by some drunk people.


Mum's creativeness

Dear mom embroidered a cool bib (with some help of the sick minds of my sister 'nd me hehe).

Most boring day of the month

Bored, lonely, stupid, silent, slow, never-ending story, cold, motivationless, willing to be a hermit, priceless, moneyless, senseless, restless.. en de rest is geschiedenisssss. Watskeburt.


It was a joyful sunny day

Washing my car, meeting up with a friend, enjoying the sun in a cabriolet, getting some motorcycle parts, getting some ice cream, all relaxed.


@ Sample sale Susan Bijl

Was already craving for a Susan Bijl bag last November but now
i got them! My sister decided to join me to the sample sale at an arty place @ Rotterdam North, where i bought the bags above (yellow one is a freebie yayy!)

This Friday/today is the last day of her sample sale so if you're interested, be sure to go & get it at the address above before it's too lateeee


Therapeutical goodness

I'm throwing away stuff like crazy these days... it feel SO good! Only problem is the mountain of clothes that has to be stored.. need another IKEA closet for it but then i'm 100% happy (+ a nail polish display of course).