David was right

Today i found out my dear Babylon Circus will play another 4 (!) times in Holland this year.. unfortunately all of them are a bit far for me: Heerhugowaard, Deventer, Amsterdam and Maastricht. Damn it, but my addiction lasts hehe ;p



New stuff, new nails! I used Catrice's Be My Millionaire + a black Nail Art Pen from Essence (2+1 free this week).

The pen isn't a bad product but i must say the tip doesn't work properly all the time. Sometimes it just gives too much black polish which ruins my new freshy patterns instantly...
I also have a pen like this from Sally Hansen, more expensive but works way better to be honest. But with a bargain price of 2€ this Essence Nail Art Pen isn't a real bad buy!


China killed you, dude

Another freakshow China story i heard today: A Chinese zoo accidentally killed it's giant panda Quan Quan after a faulty ventilation system pumped toxic gas into its enclosure. HOW SAD & AWFUL. Poor panda just suffocated.... They say it was an accident but i don't know..maybe they were just acting lame, what makes me feel even more disgusted about the way they threat animals there...

The next picture i found online doesn't work for my thoughts about China too:
A panda killed by poachers in Wolong (the place where panda Quan Quan lived before, strange enough)


Nightshow: Milkshake

One of the bad oldies, yesterday on the radio but still in my head hehehe xD 


@ my summer jobs

Last weeks are full of work work work.
First three weeks everyday on my regular job @ the editor, coming two weeks i will have the non-stop interesting sight of an ugly carousel + thousands of children. It's part of a temporary playground to entertain kiddies during Summer. And after that... i'm pretty much done with working i guess xD

PS: My words of the day are en colère. Not that i'm mad or something hehe, it's just in my head.


Fruity fruity !

Today i received a small package from China filled with the cuuuuuutest on earth fruit nail art! My mum got it at Ebay & i decided to try something immediately.
Kinda weird, but as you all know i like that kind of freakshow things ;p By the way i used Catrice's From Dusk Till Dawn as nailpolish underneath all the fruityness.


Coming up: Ridley Scott's Life in a day

Tomorrow everyone will have the chance to be part of this project by filming something of their lives. After receiving all kinds of material Kevin McDonald & Ridley Scott will make a movie out of it, which will be premiered in 2011 at Sundance Film Festival.
I'm excited for the movie!


Je suis très contente !

LOL it's VIVE not VIVA gars
Yayyy happiness! Today i received the results of my French exams and i made it : D My results were 69/100 but when i had 70/100 i would receive the title 'bien' arghhhhh I WANT THAT.
Okay no complaints i did it & i'm happy so maybe i'll be joining next year again!

PS: Today i ate the other half of my Ben & Jerry pint of Chunky Monkey and omg now i feel guilty...


Work is stalkin' me

At the moment i'm kinda done with working..
Last two weeks i was everyday on my desk at the publisher i work at to stand in for my colleague. Writing mails, calling everybody, joking with colleagues, searching the mailbox, damn it. Now it's her turn again lol.
Don't you dare calling me again at half past 9 AM! I'm not happy when someone wakes me up for nothing (except for nice presents heheh).

PS: I just cannot imagine i've worked in a supermarket for like 4 years! It feels unbelievably far away, although i stopped only a couple of months ago... What a freakshow!


Nail wheel

Entertaining myself by putting my nail polish on this nail wheel my mum bought last week. It's nice to do & fun to see which colors you got, guess i'm gonna buy some blue Catrice nail polishes to complete this wheel ;p
All the shown polishes are from Catrice, except the pink one right of the black nail (that's a Gosh).


Oh no!

Another product died!
My loving studentcard for public transport has a stop for the coming four weeks... which means i can't use the public transport in the Netherlands without paying anything. Yuck it hurts.

To get the most out of my card i went to Rotterdam after work with Nancy. We had some supernice McDo stuff + she joined me at a piercingshop to get my ears more pierced! Right now i got three in my right ear & two in my left.. after getting those 2 new ones i'm feeling i need more of them ahahaha. Satisfaction.


€0,70 and now it's dead

The story of my nice fake Ray-Ban wayfarer.. bought it - lost him at school - went back to school to find him again - left him on a couch - moment later i sat on him - stayed at the bottom of my bag... all this without any problems!
And then he died, this mornin he felt from my bed... LIKE WHAT this mini mini height. Damn it.


Nightshow: Anime Expo

Found this freakshow guy who's creating awkward situations for everyone he starts talking to... xD


240 - Sold out forever

Here in Holland the well-known dupe of Chanel Jade nail polish.. as you see this one is from Catrice.

Let's follow the road of the gypsies.

Netherlands lost. WE LOST. 
A chance once in a lifetime maybe and they screwed it ridiculously up. Allright allright. Nobody's dead, life goes on.
But oufff they came so far and then it bothers me they just haven't given everything they got! Like they just didn't care.. 


Nightshow thoughts

  • It's too warm to sleep
  • I'm sick of driving lessons and stuff, bye money bye time bye bye all those months on the way to my drivers license - but instructor got a new car yay! 
  • Don't wanna work anymore - rich husband welcome
  • David Baruchel is still adorable
  • Feeling like have to win a prize and travel around
  • Fresh strawberries would be nice at the moment (crema di fragola si si)
And gonfler is my word at the moment, it triggers me. Can't get it out of my head. Kylie Minoque neither. LOL couldn't help to think 'bout her song..


Sunday: Metropolis Festival Rotterdam

After a warm, but rainy Saturday it was time for a sunny Sunday;
almost crying after losing our food & drinks - laying on the field eating an overpaid hamburger - Hef & Önder lol - relaxed people around me - nice music - heat - sun - David Baruchel - no hurries no worries - dancing - nice smells hehe - yelling - Babylon Circus - singing along for life - having fun - smiles - popcorn - waffle - sunset - deserted & wrong subway station - Rotown - long nice happy sleep........and *poof* it was Monday again!

Saturday: Tour de France à Rotterdam

Sorry for my silent days!!

I'm back after an AWESOME weekend + today! My last post told you about my plans for the weekend & they were sooo friggin nice!

Tomorrow i'll post some pictures of it. BY THE WAY. The Netherlands will play the soccer finallllllll!!!!!!
How awesome is that!

Yay adrenaline is running through my veins right now.


  • Shopping with mum & lil sister in Rotterdam 
  • Vapianoo 
  • Checking out 'Tour de France'
  • Driving lesson ehm no too busy today with fun stuff 

  • Waking up 
  • METROPOLIS YAY - what means Babylon Circus ! 
picture from Tom


Vote for my Parisian François s'il vous plaît!

Hit the 'stem' button & i'm happy :)

Nightshow: Jellyfish

HAHA he cracked me up with this freakshow performance, i couldn't handle it xD Ay and don't think i just like to make fun of him, he's an actor hehe.

Have a good good night!


La couleur du Tour de France

excusez-moi it's a bit chipped already 

It's another nail polish from Catrice: Ultimate Nail Lacquer named '010 - Don't Feed The Birds'. The silver dots i made with Sally Hansen's Nail Art Pen. A kinda strange color i know, but with this heat & summer feeling i didn't care. Just had to try it! 

P.S. This weekend starts Tour de France in Rotterdam, i'm kinda excited! : D Buttt Sunday is Metropolis Festival, also in Rotterdam (Babylon Circus yayyy!); Double French, double excited!

Rock Paper Scissors: This schoolyard game should only be used to determine who should eat a worm first or which sibling has to ride in the middle of the back seat on a long trip to grandma's house. Adults should not be playing this, even ironically. There is no real skill or tactic involved in Rock Paper Scissors.
If you can get a trophy for this, we might as well just line up three old ladies at identical slot machines and give a gold medal to the one who stumbles upon a jackpot first.

HAHAHA omg this cracked me up xD Couple of days ago my sister & i started playing this when we were bored and because mom doesn't understand it at all hehe. But if i believe this article it IS cooler to not understand the play rather than doing it ;p

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