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Walter van Beirendonck

Little honey bunny!

City trip 1 : Antwerp

Exhibition 'Paper Fashion' @ MoMu; Fashion museum

Yesterday, or actually Friday right now, i went on a 'city trip' with Nancy. A day full of sun, fun, food, shops and burning feet.
And some education, because we visited the fashion museum MoMu ;)
But as i learned from her that day "without burn no reward", i felt less bad about my feet. (i still complained a lot, but hey that's the inner me!)
Now i'll have to wait for a reward i guess, even if i don't know what to expect. Or maybe i'm greedy and that sunny day was my reward already hahaha.

I'll post more pics later!



Just read Michael Jackson died this afternoon. Some are still saying it were rumors, but right now most of them say it's real.. Well, Rest In Peace King of Pop.

And to forget no one; i want to say Rest In Peace too for
Farrah Fawcett and Yasmine (Hilde Rens), a Belgian singer.


Tomorrow i'm going to Antwerp with Nancy, gonna be my first citytrip this holiday !
Belgian frites and chocolat !


Old building vs. young people

Online selling

Dutch people adore this doll (known of cookie commercials)

Being busy with a bit strange hobby of mine: online selling on www.marktplaats.nl
I'm doing this for like two years & it's like a little business; taking pics, creating advertisements, waiting for bidders, contacting people, waiting for their payment and sending the packages.
Right now i'm selling mostly perfume samples, but before i sold shoes and Mr. Jummy dolls too.

Money money money!



Once he will blame his parents for making this pic and those fake eyebrows. Adorable!

By the way, i'm sick. Coughing & sneezy when summer starts and college is over. Nice.


Team Will.I.Am or Team Perez?

Drama queen Perez Hilton totally freaks out after getting hit. Watch it when you have nothing to do.
I only think Perez is a coward himself, and has no reason to cry about getting hit.
Hello you are disrespectful and rude yourself, face it!

I feel so unbelievably tired

I don't know why, but i just feel sooo tired.
This morning i went to an employment agency, to see if had some work for me, next i've been to the pet shop buying dog food. 15 kilograms! Pff.
After that i've been to IKEA, to buy some boxes and to have the cheapo 2€ meal.

And now i'm tired like i ran three marathons.

Hurray hurray hurray!

The 500th visitor just came by!



Movie want to's

July 9th -
Bruno: Delicious Journeys Through America for the Purpose of Making Heterosexual Males Visibly Uncomfortable in the Presence of a Gay Foreigner in a Mesh T-Shirt

July 30th -
Public Enemies

December 3th -
The imaginarium of Dr. Parnassus

One funny movie,
two with Johnny Depp,
third is Heath Ledgers final role.

Smelly socks, smelly sockss...

What aaare they feeding youu?

(FYI: I'm in a Friends mood right now, go Phoebe!)

Sunny day, BBQ day

Today i was at a barbecue party of my aunt & uncle.
They were married for 25 years yesterday, and their children had organised a surprise party, including the most delicious food!
Gamba prawns, sate, hamburgers, salad.... including some bottles of Piper Heidsieck Champagne and the sun, what made the party complete.


I'm a junkfood junk.

Yummmy, looking at this pic makes me wanna have it. I know i'm bad, cuz everytime i go shopping or something, i see junkfood i just have to eat!
Right now i'm craving for some KFC hotwings...goshhh.


Why so serious?!

Heath Ledger enjoying his cigarette

Just found the pic between a lot of others i once got from the internet, and was actually wondering what he's doing -as you'll know, Heath died begin 2008- right now.
Would he enjoy a cigarette? Maybe. But no one knows.

By the way, i know it's my third post today. It isn't because i have nothing to do or whatever, cuz have to do some school stuff these last days but i just don't have any inspiration to start..

Wanna be like Alice in Wonderland?

That's what they say about the exposition of Ejderkan Tastekin, a Turkish artist.
His exposition will not look ordinary, with paintings hanging on the wall or something, but it's more like a show-box. He made some green cabins in the exhibition room with little windows in it, and leaning walls to create a surreal view.
Well, from June 21 till July 5th you can find out if that's really happening to you @ Moira in Utrecht. I think it sounds exciting, and like to visit it.

Don't you feel the langweiligkeit

Okay FYI: I'm definetly not a German pro.

Saw another sticker in The Hague & thought immediately 'oh that means boringness/dullness'.
A moment i thought i wasn't that bad in German, cuz the word dóes sound familiar, right?
Well it was a little boring around, so i thought it was placed very well. (It was near Frank de Kapper if you've read that article too haha). But back home i typed langweiligkeit @ Google,
and he directed me to the event from the sticker, or to the word 'langweilig'.
Haha German was never my favorite.


Run, don't look back or i will drive you nuts.

Allright, no excitement about my application for me anymore, cuz the pharmacy sent me the most lame e-mail today.
A lot of words just to say i wasn't the one they'd chosen. Reasons like 'you are nice, but we found even better candidates' and 'yeah we found people more experienced' came by.
I'm not sad about it at all, the only thing that bothered me somehow, was that they don't even have the guts to tell me the message by phone. Like i would shout at them and threat them till they want me (how sick would they be, to change their minds when i say i'll find their home xD).

Yesterday i'd ordered a guide with French words and sentences on Bol.com to improve my Frenchy skills i've learned in college.
Got it today, so i can start practising haha. Sounds a bit geekish but French is fun!
Plus: next month i'm going to Paris and don't want to sound like an übertourist with sentences like 'Bonjour, what's the price?'.
Hahaha too corny!


Piggy love

My dog Barros with his new love: a rubber pig toy. Such an annoying thing, cuz when you squeeze it, it makes a hard ghrr-ghrrr sound. That's what i'm hearing all day long these days.


They like you or hate you

At 2 pm I have to work again @ supermarket, it's a super sunny day, too bad I'll not enjoy it today (and the other days it will be rainy & cold offcourse haha). Went to a pharmacist this morning for an application and they will call me this week if they want me to work there.
Oooh exciting!



pic from antoinepeters.com

Found another thing i need to visit!
The Arnhem Mode Biënnale, a known fashion event in the Netherlands, including exhibitions of famous designers like Viktor & Rolf, Jil Sander and Comme des Garcons.
Also there are participating some great Dutch designers who aren't very known yet, like Antoine Peters, Iris van Herpen and Marcha Hüskes. I bought some (wearable) pieces of them last year at Mode Marché, an event where kind of unknown fashion designers sell their goods.
But maybe i'm not going to AMB, because in the weekend i have to pay 20 euro only to get there.. too bad. We'll see!


The view of Rotterdam

The harbor of Rotterdam on the left

Too bad: the glass on the floor was scratched by feet, but still:
look how tiny the cars were!

Today i went to the Euromast in Rotterdam with my mum. It is the highest tower of the Netherlands, 186 m. The weather was good, so we had a pretty far sight.
Lucky for us there were only two other guys, cause it's a real tourist thing and normally you'll see people éverywhere!
This summer i want to abseil of this tower, but i'll have to wait a bit, because i'm turning 18 in August & under aged are not allowed..



Gosh she looks so cute on this pic! Okay i'm not a lesbian or something (Jude Law! Gael García Bernal! Paul Walker! Too hot! haha), but i just lovedd this photograph.
I really want to go see Coco avant Chanel in cinema, where Audrey Tautou impersonates fashion-icon Chanel.


Indradjaja rules!

Unfortunately not my own pic, but this food looks damn goood

Today i was helping a day @ Toko Indrajaja in Zwijndrecht, we had a 'proeverij' with a Japanese theme, so my uncle made a lottt of sushi! Delicious!
Lot of people came by, trying some sushi, buying some stuff, and telling me some stupid jokes.
But okay: when you buy something, i'll listen to you!


Konichiwa blog!

This one is just scaring the hell out of me

After checking out several blogs on Blogspot i was wondering why most of the Asian blogs are looking like webshops with corny pictures and weird products. All those girls look the same: the funniest faces you've ever seen including biggo eyes.

Blanco for today

I'm sorry but haven't got any inspiration for today.
Finished one of my last schoolthings today (thought the deadline was @ 4 o'clock, but it wasn't, the deadline has changed to 19th of June :s), but okay it's done so bonus chilltime.
Only one presentation to go, that's it! And have to take some pics Tuesday for a tv-commercial storyboard for school.
Time to sleep, chill, shop, eat, visit museum maybe or whatever i want. Yeah!


Attention please!

This goose wanted so much attention, his two mates ended up with no heads on the pic..



Little purses! Owls, fishes, crabs and fake looking Tweety's!
Who's not dieing to get some of those?



Saté kambing lontong and tjendol, come over here!

Pasar Part Two

Who's next on Korea's Next Top Model?

FYI: The Pasar/ Tong Tong Fair is a big Asian event with a lot of stands, where you can buy food, some wooden furniture, or just the most crazy things like UFO toys, bags, jewelry, tigerbalm.. Also you can do stuff like watching your aura, handreading or getting a massage (pidjit).
It's a yearly event on The Hague Malieveld, and it lasts about eleven days.