Run, don't look back or i will drive you nuts.

Allright, no excitement about my application for me anymore, cuz the pharmacy sent me the most lame e-mail today.
A lot of words just to say i wasn't the one they'd chosen. Reasons like 'you are nice, but we found even better candidates' and 'yeah we found people more experienced' came by.
I'm not sad about it at all, the only thing that bothered me somehow, was that they don't even have the guts to tell me the message by phone. Like i would shout at them and threat them till they want me (how sick would they be, to change their minds when i say i'll find their home xD).

Yesterday i'd ordered a guide with French words and sentences on Bol.com to improve my Frenchy skills i've learned in college.
Got it today, so i can start practising haha. Sounds a bit geekish but French is fun!
Plus: next month i'm going to Paris and don't want to sound like an ├╝bertourist with sentences like 'Bonjour, what's the price?'.
Hahaha too corny!

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