I would do everything to go back

i'm so cold - winter depression hey hello
how great would it be to leave when the rain & coldness starts, to show up again when the sun gets warm again. it would make me a zillion times happier than how i feel at the moment.


Gila loh

I'm home again. But actually i feel like hey, is this home?
It's called Holland that's for sure but home? My two weeks Bali were AMAZING. And it felt like home from the first step.
That makes me hesitate cuz i know Holland as my home, but Indonesia feels same way and who knows other countries too? Homes all over the world.
Anyway it was the best holiday ever although it went a bit fast. Tell & show you later about it.

At the moment the Indonesian tunes at breakfast are repeating in my head + the soft advertising song i heard on the way to Kuala Lumpur. Malaysia, truuuuly Asia.


I guess i'll be a silent blogger for 2 weeks. While you keep checking, i keep eating donuts, enjoying the beach, shopping, seeing the most beautiful things on earth cause i'll be residing in a paradise called Bali!!!!!
xxx take care everybody


I feel like this and nothing can bother me cause i'm leavin on a jetplane don't know when i'll be back again. Bali. Love. Paradise. Rest. Bye pauper queen. You wish you could go on any holiday right now. HA!


J'adore Space Invader

Sticker of an Invader admirer i guess

Went to Banksy's movie Exit Through The Gift Shop last Saturday & i loooooved it! I want to be a graffiti/sticker artist too... totally brainwashed. It's SO awesome.

When i saw the French artist Space Invader and his work in the movie i immediately thought of my trip to Paris in 2009, where i photographed his work too ! He'd triggered me already & now even more. Here you can read my older entry from last year when his work was obsessing my mind.

Makes me laugh to tears

Good old times in Florida '08. You're never too old for Disney.
It's such a dream world cropped in a park, i've always wanted to work there someday. Yeah i still do.