♥ Notre Dame de Paris

I wanna see this musical. Cannot understand all the French songs but it's so intense. I love the voice of this singer Garou who plays Quasimodo.



Arghhh when i passed my deadline by the end of May, i neeed to go to Antwerpz to visit Forever21, have some kriek beer & chill out. My public transportation card expires around August, so i need to have some last profit of it.
When i don't pass the deadline i'm miserable and failed, because then i'll graduate in October. NO GIVE ME JUNE.

Wanna make this

Pictures from: Julia Minamata

This girl did the greatest job in drawing her entire make-up stash. She even used the actual color of it on the paper, so it's the real deal lol. I love it and when i've got more time then i have now, i'll definitely give it a shot! 
At the moment i'm struggling with my graduation project. It's closer and closer till the deadline. I'm a hermit, I don't even dare to leave my home these days.