Cry cry bummer

Today i found out something stupid. Didn't ruin my day though, but it could when i was in a bad mood.
So i went shopping with my mum in Rotterdam and visited the departement store Bijenkorf.

Last week i bought a necklace @ Swarovski over there and what did i see?! They started a kind of extra sale where they've lowered prices of random items again............. LIKE MY NECKLACE. 

Of course. 40€ extra off. NO NO NO.

Worst part of it, i thought of returning the item & buying it again for the new price. But of course not, suddenly they don't return sale-items. And the girl at the counter was like 'hihiihh too bad, we didn't know there was going to be an extra sale'.
Well f*ck off Bijenkorf with giving me this crappy talk.

But allright as i said, it didn't ruin my day. Still got my necklace on sale, even though i could've saved another 40€.