• Been to school for a couple of hours
  • Searching for nice boots in Rotterdam
    Haven't found them..
  • Checking out blogs, seeking sites, reading my horoscope & finding out Sonia Rykiel will release an underwear/accessory line for H&M @ December 5th, and a knitwear collection @ February 20th.
    Run people, run!!
  • Watched to the Dutch movie "Carmen van het Noorden" at the cinema
    Yess. It's true. Most of the Dutch movies are bad. Very bad.
    Dutch directors always put naked bodies in it as if that's the remedy for the badness. It's NOT.

That's what i did today.


Sephora strikes again

Big sale at warehouse 'Vroom & Dreesmann' these days. Had to buy some Sephora make-up; it looked great, i destroyed my last primer & it was 3 products for 10€! Like hello?! Normal price for only the primer is like 14€..
The Cabanaz background is my other buy, a very handy laptop table, complete with a cupholder + a pillow on the bottom to put the table on your lap.

Are you Dora the Explorer?

The girl i spotted yesterday did remind me of Dora somehow...



Chupa Chups Wall & "Buttplug"Santa Claus

Today in Rotterdam. A big wall with at least 25000 lollipops to create an arty pic. Chupa Chups definitely want to be known again. That's why they invited three Dutch upcoming grafitti artists (Teo Skaffa, Naad & Ottograph) to produce this edible art project.
Okay i'll be honest, the wall wasn't that exciting as i thought it would be; a bit amateuristic, crushed lollipops on it, some spittings, it's not one big wall but several parts with the lollipops in it already, but.... free candy is always exciting!!



Yesterday i've visited the museum Boijmans van Beuningen in Rotterdam to see the exhibition The art of Fashion.
School ended early that day so i thought 'let's visit a museum'.
And so i went to Boijmans with a classmate.

First we visited the new video installation Laat je haar neer
(Lay your hair down), by Pipilotti Rist.
It is big rope net with pillows on it where you have to lay on, while watching some great arty videos. How relaxing! Although there was one video by John Bock that made me feel a bit sick, very fast shots of a man who is cooking food & smears it on himself etc. YUCK.
After chilling there for almost an hour, we decided to see the rest of the museum.

I liked 'The art of Fashion' a lot. It is exposed in a big hall, where you can walk around every piece of the exhibition, like you can see at the pic above.
Unfortunately i forgot to bring my camera with me, but i'll visit it again soon to take some pics too. Some pieces of the Belgian fashion designer Walter van Beirendonck made me laugh, like a funny sarcophagus he made for himself already & a matching sanctuary. Very childish looking with bright colours, the sun, and dicks.... I have to take a pic of it next time!
For the rest there are pieces of Viktor & Rolf, Comme des Garcons, the famous airmail dress of Hussein Chalayan and more.

The art of Fashion lasts until 10 Januari 2010

-pictures by Hans Wilschut/Ernst Moritz


Hugh Dancy/ Emina Cunmulaj

made the pics from Glamour Magazine - September '09

Absolutely loveee the pictures & the way Hugh Dancy looks !



Bought a lighter shade of red @ Hema this time. Wondering how long it will last. Nail polish was in sale this week (20% off) but was already cheap. For €1,80 i thought i definitely could give it a try..

Let's share clothes!

'Painted' 2 pics into 1

Saw these girls last July @ the music festival Metropolis in Rotterdam. I think i'm the only one who noticed it, but i accuse them for cutting a dress into two pieces (offcourse they could be two separated items from a store, but i like my theory more haha). Nice idea, the red fabric with the white hearts.
But when they would stand together, they would be way too matchy. Is that the reason they didn't stand close to each other even though you could clearly see they knew each other?

I like the skirt most.

Chillin' bull

While ago with mum in Antwerp


Supersize Me

Don't ask me why (maybe because i'm the only one who could possibly fit in), but my sister asked me to get myself in the bag. Never thought it would fit - i'm not a friggin' circus artist- but it did. Freakshow of the week.
Everybody laughed at me


Too bad

When holiday is over (like now) i forget to post because the one time i'm at school, the other time i'm at home doing school stuff, or watching TV in the evening for example.

But allright i want to stay true to myself by not neglecting my precious blog!

I promise.


Beautiful sky

Apologize for my Dutch posts, dear foreign readers but sometimes i feel like posting Dutch haha.

But allright, saw these beautiful clouds a couple of weeks ago (in real life they were even prettier!). I always look up to the sky being amazed about the beauty of it.
I can walk around or cycle around looking up over & over again like i constantly see something extraordinary.
Other people then stare at me or starting to look up too, hoping to see an amazing looking UFO or something.

I love to watch the sky. Lying down in the grass. Doing nothing
but staring.

At night seeing stars everywhere.

Can't be better.


Dom meisje

Picture this; Meisje van 12 ziet mij als een vriendelijke vakkenvulster en wil mij dus om hulp vragen.

Meisje: Mevrouw, weet u waar de macaronigroenten staan?
Lisa (brain says; macaronigroenten?!): Staan deze niet bij
de andere groenten, soepgroenten etc.?
M: Hihi, oh nee ik zoek toch maar macaronimix!
L: Oh, ik loop wel met je mee, die staan bij de pastasauzen.
M: (eenmaal daar) Ehmm. Nee ik bedoel een pakket, met het er al in zegmaar..
L: Wat het? Welk merk? Knorr? Honig? AH?
M: Honig!
L: (wijst de Honig macaronimixen) Deze dan?
M: Hmmm nee zoiets is het toch niet..
L: (laatste hoop, al pusing) Hoe heet die mix dan? Of weet je dat ook niet meer?
M: Jawel, macaroni "vlugkokend" ofzoiets.

JEMIG meisje, ook al ben je een jaar of twaalf, je hebt dan toch wel de snuggerheid om me gewoon meteen te zeggen dat je macaroni zoekt! & vooral geen saus en geen mix en geen groenten.
Dat scheelt me toch een hoop -toch al overbodig- denkwerk.

En Jeroen van den Boom kwam Barendrecht opleuken.
Waar gaat het naartoe. Oke vorig jaar was Jody Bernal de party pooper, maar als het toch al een "Bekende zanger" moet zijn, doe dan toch liever Waylon ofzo.
Maar die komt al naar Ridderkerk. Dus dan is Barendrecht niet meer onderscheidend. Plus we zijn een armzalig dorp zo te merken.
Komt Dries Roelvink volgend jaar? : D

I don't know but

I feel like going bowling : D


"Hi, I'm Lisa Supertramp."

Watched the beautiful movie Into the wild today, directed by Sean Penn. But for me it wasn't just a movie with a nice story.
It's one of the first movies that made me really think a bit different about life.
Chris McCandless (played by the adorable Emile Hirsh) decided to go hiking into the wild after graduating, instead of studying & making money. He didn't care about goods, he just wanted to live in the nature. The way he made clear goods don't make you happy and just mess up the world, made me think hard.
At the end i even thought about selling more products or throw them away haha. Right now i don't even like my dear laptop. Why do we always want more stuff !

Okay, about clothes & accesories i still love to buy them
(i always will..), but my new goals are:
  • throwing nonsense things away, without hesitating
  • not buying crap stuff anymore
  • make time for hobbies instead of surfing restless on the internet
  • finally start making that dress, where i already have the pattern & stuff for (want to finish it this year!)

I say YES a movie can change your life.


A bunch of clothes pins who are doing fine

Haven't posted for a while, just because i didn't knew where to talk about. Made this pic at a friend's home, all those colorful clothes pins looked so nice together!
School started for real last week, Saturday i had my third driving lesson (was fun, but still a bit scary), and Sunday i had kind of a date with a guy i met in the subway haha. We ate waffles & went to the "R'Uitmarkt", an event with music, cabaret & a lot of stands of museums in Rotterdam. We had a lotta fun!

It was a nice weekend. Craving for more.


Technology kills love

How would you feel when your darling is just texting anybody while hugging you?

I think i'll be quite upset when someone dares to do that to me hahaha.


Just watched 'Grenzeloos verliefd'

It is a Dutch tv programme, called 'Unlimited in love' or something & it's about Dutch girls who are moving to the country where the love of their life resides.
The first episode was about Esther, who was moving to Caïro (Egypt) where her lovely Ahmed lives. I loooove the programme, it's so cute to see those people living together!

I don't feel empty anymore, after watching this lovely programme I'm happy again.

I feel weird

I feel a bit empty


Mode Marché buys

DSLR Nikon D60 ring, mini glasses-necklace, bracelet

Last Friday i went to Mode Marché in the Nai (Dutch Architecture Institute) Rotterdam. It's an event where known & unknown fashion designers sell their goods.
I bought a black cardigan from Madé, and the accessories showed above. Haha the miniature glasses looked so cute, i had to have it!

Bye bye beautiful August!

on my way to London @ ferry in Calais

Here it comes again, September. It always makes me feel a bit sad, because in September i realize Winter is on his way. No more sun, summer dresses, picnics, etc, while dark & cold days are waiting. Come back soon, sweet Summer!