"Hi, I'm Lisa Supertramp."

Watched the beautiful movie Into the wild today, directed by Sean Penn. But for me it wasn't just a movie with a nice story.
It's one of the first movies that made me really think a bit different about life.
Chris McCandless (played by the adorable Emile Hirsh) decided to go hiking into the wild after graduating, instead of studying & making money. He didn't care about goods, he just wanted to live in the nature. The way he made clear goods don't make you happy and just mess up the world, made me think hard.
At the end i even thought about selling more products or throw them away haha. Right now i don't even like my dear laptop. Why do we always want more stuff !

Okay, about clothes & accesories i still love to buy them
(i always will..), but my new goals are:
  • throwing nonsense things away, without hesitating
  • not buying crap stuff anymore
  • make time for hobbies instead of surfing restless on the internet
  • finally start making that dress, where i already have the pattern & stuff for (want to finish it this year!)

I say YES a movie can change your life.

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