Yesterday i've visited the museum Boijmans van Beuningen in Rotterdam to see the exhibition The art of Fashion.
School ended early that day so i thought 'let's visit a museum'.
And so i went to Boijmans with a classmate.

First we visited the new video installation Laat je haar neer
(Lay your hair down), by Pipilotti Rist.
It is big rope net with pillows on it where you have to lay on, while watching some great arty videos. How relaxing! Although there was one video by John Bock that made me feel a bit sick, very fast shots of a man who is cooking food & smears it on himself etc. YUCK.
After chilling there for almost an hour, we decided to see the rest of the museum.

I liked 'The art of Fashion' a lot. It is exposed in a big hall, where you can walk around every piece of the exhibition, like you can see at the pic above.
Unfortunately i forgot to bring my camera with me, but i'll visit it again soon to take some pics too. Some pieces of the Belgian fashion designer Walter van Beirendonck made me laugh, like a funny sarcophagus he made for himself already & a matching sanctuary. Very childish looking with bright colours, the sun, and dicks.... I have to take a pic of it next time!
For the rest there are pieces of Viktor & Rolf, Comme des Garcons, the famous airmail dress of Hussein Chalayan and more.

The art of Fashion lasts until 10 Januari 2010

-pictures by Hans Wilschut/Ernst Moritz

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