Reading mode

I wanna read more & finish this book first. Getting bored with my laptop, games, mobile phone, this is my deepening hobby again. I read more before Internet started wasting me. 



All the things i don't really need:

  • Wacom Bamboo Tablet
  • Noosa Amsterdam belt
  • New laptop
  • TomTom 120
  • YSL - Saharienne
  • Marc Jacobs bag
  • Fast & Furious DVD box
  • Crapload new clothes
  • Cheap Monday acid jeans
  • Full tank of petrol (real need!)
But in the end i just want us to be good.

Old school wowness


Nike makes a garbage dump of Indonesia

Source: Huffington Post
Underpaid workers without proper meals & forced to work overtime everyday for around $150 a month. And as a bonus Nike burns there garbage at dumps all around Indonesia, so the toxins are released into the air & the water they drink. All for the money. 
ALL FOR THE MONEY. The world is so so addicted to money.


Crazy awkwardness. No movement. No words. Outsider for life. Let's beat this challenge.


Week 2

Still sick - coughing like a retard - don't like my minor - cold outside - bit bored & lonely - want to sleep but feels like wasting my time - ordered a new coat - COUGH - have to make some money - Autumn is hard - my hair looks dull - COUGH - don't know what to do with it - loved the holiday times & freedom - school makes my eyes hurt (need some extra glasses but no money) - COUGHCOUGH - moodswing at the moment.....