A day at London seems to be very short, but it was awesome &
i bought a lot!! My arms still hurt from carrying those bags hehe.
It was a bit rainy sometimes, but not cold at all.
And whoaa i was freaked out by all those people in Primark etc. arrgggh & those stores are HUGE! Everybody wants to see & try everything they see..
Seriously here in Holland we think it's crowded & big, but there it's 3000x worse! But it's really worth it.

See you soon, London!


Fun idea

When i was googling about disposable cameras a moment ago,
i suddenly found this page

It's an idea of two young employees of a Dutch communication bureau.
One day they left 2 disposable cameras at random places in Rotterdam, with a little note on it that they hope the finder will have fun with the cam and that they will pick it up in the evening. Result: all kinds of people took pictures of themselves, others or just the view from that place. I want that too! I want stranger pictures on my disposable!

In progress: Spring cleaning

The bag isn't filled with old clothes but with paper, lots of paper! My room is full of free magazines & promotional brochures. Even from months ago! I have to get rid of them.


Come to Holland!

 A Dutch marketing moment in New York,
subways in Dutch style

Just heared the funny news on Dutch television, it's to promote the Netherlands as a travel destination for Americans.
I say don't hesitate, come & visit Holland!



As some of you've read already, i passed my driving theory test!!!

I'm changed!

I don't know what it is, maybe my Babylon Circus obsession cured me, but today i've made a big step by quitting those addictive Facebook games! I'M SO SICK OF THEM.
They will never stop & it's just the stupid same over and over and over and over again. Have a good life, Farmville, Café World, Fishville & Mafia Wars. I feel so free!!

hahahahhaha xD


My Babylon week

I've danced on stage with lead singer David Baruchel! ö

Some pics of Babylon Circus @ Tivoli Utrecht last Thursday. 
Today in Rotterdam i haven't made pictures, was too focused on their gig haha. Only pic i made was of their huge black tour bus..
But there was an online tv-channel who was filming it so i guess there will be some nice footage!


Current obsession: Babylon Circus #91634834

Oh and Babylon Circus last Thursday was great great great!
But i thought about posting BC tomorrow, because the impulsive & obsessive me bought a ticket for their unplugged show in Rotterdam this afternoon!!

Sad boycott

The Dutch cinema Pathé refuses to play Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland, only because Disney wants to launch the DVD a month earlier! 

I don't care about their bickering, i don't care about a month, i just want to see the movie!



Next Tuesday i'm gonna take my driving theory test and i want to have it because i don't feel like spending another 35 € on it!

Yuck traffic signs bore me already...

I'm in charge of the dogs today


Valentine's freakshow

Today i was in Rotterdam to take some passport photographs & bought the All's Good MAC blush with a cadeau cheque i still had.
But whoaaa it was so crowded in Rotterdam, and most freakish was that almost every shop sold some Valentine's products: red roses, candy, balloons, cards. Very smart because a lot of people were buying it, but really what an overload!
 Happy New Year!! 

It was Chinese New Year today & i felt like i was in China instead of Rotterdam. Seriously like 80% of the people i saw was Chinese ;p


Flower power @ Primark

LOL okay

Wir Fränzi und Roman suchen Dich, für eine Gemütliche Studenten – WG. Bist du stubenrein und kochst wie eine Italienische Mama und fährst zudem Papas Porsche, 
dann wollen wir dich in unserer WG! 

-Random advert on a Swiss housing website


Diagnosis: extremely weather diseased

After several years with sad rainy weather, here it is.
Everytime i open my eyes i see friggin' snow.
It makes me want to close my eyes and sleep all day long.

I'm so weird; in the summer i always wish to feel snow & right now i feel like wearing dresses, eating ice cream!

Weather diseased.

I think it's caused by the world around me. Like why do they sell the winter collection clothes in June & summer around December? Why the hack do they sell easter eggs in February & Sinterklaas stuff in August? STOP IT! It makes me crazyyy.


Cooking Mama

Lol my mum bought this all-in-one package ikook Italiaans (i cook Italian). The name sounds like an iPod & i'm wondering about the taste of it....

Edit: It tasted good! Annnd it's on sale now @ supermarket Bas for only 2€!


See the cuteness: Xavier Dolan

Former Canadian child actor, but mostly known as the director and actor @ the award-winning movie J'ai tué ma mère.



Dream destination

Dutch post: Leeftijdsdiscriminatie in de supermarkt

“Met vooral jonge medewerkers in de supermarkten wordt gewoonweg gesold; het respect voor de medewerker is soms ver te zoeken”, zegt Monsma in De Pers.

Bedankt meneer Monsma, u heeft gelijk!

Ondertussen op het bijbehorende forum:
Welke supermarkten maken zich hier schuldig aan?

Alle supermarkten, je hebt als 18 jarige alleen nog maar een baan in de supermarkt als je daar de rest van je leven in wilt blijven.

En ik wil de rest van mijn leven niet vergallen tussen geplette koekjes & droge mandarijntjes, dus morgen lever ik mijn brief in! Een mijlpaal na bijna vier jaar trouwe dienst bij Albert Heijn...

Eindelijk weer vrije zaterdagen!

Nog maar 10000 miljoen miljard doosjes....


Mission completed: my first IFFR -- movies & a semi-date

It was fun, the movies were nice, a relaxed atmosphere, Rotterdam was really sparkling this week!
I love the fact that most directors (and sometimes even cast members) were showing up to the screenings of their film.
They were talking about the movie they made, answered questions & gave hands to the visitors.

Today was my last day i went to IFFR 2010.
At 13 pm i went to J'ai tué ma mère; a beautiful movie about a cuuuute (gay) boy, who's also the director of this autobiographic movie.
After J'ai tué ma mère something funny happened!

The boy who was sitting next to me, suddenly started talking & invited me to the next movie.
It was because his girlfriend back home was a bit sick and depressed and stuff, so he was lonely in Rotterdam with way to much tickets. He was a 23 year old Dutch guy, with Polish parents and living in Utrecht.
Of course i joined him! We went outside together to get some food and then we went to All That I Love, a Polish movie about some boys who are starting a band during the communism problems in Poland in the 80s.

A movie with fun moments, a beautiful view of Poland and although i didn't knew a lot about this subject & country, i really enjoyed it!  
LOL do i look so chatty & fun that even complete strangers want to be my company? No problem.


Study abroad: yes/no

Today we had an information meeting @ INHolland about studying abroad.

First i thought no i definitely don't want it; it's expensive, it's just studying, so why would you go abroad?
I was more like having an internship abroad; you earn money, more relevant experience, so you're not out of money when you're back.
But now i've changed my mind. Studying abroad does sound fun & is a real experience. And your stay is more safe & easily because it's arranged by one of the partner universities of mine.

I'm doubting it. You get grant when you stay in Europe plus they don't have that much contacts outside Europe. Only Mexico & USA, but last one is very expensive (and popular ofcourse)!

I don't knowwwwww... okay you'll know soon enough, because i've got to subscribe before March 1 if i want to go in my third year.


16 days

Babylon Circus, j'attend avec impatience!! : D

Hello my name is Sleeping Beauty

The first day of a new period at school. I feel like Disney's Sleeping Beauty, but only the sleeping part. HOW COULD I just wake up a moment ago & miss the first 2 lessons..... This neverrr everr happened to me before!
LOL when they're forming teams now, i will be with the nerds (then i'm gonna torture people!).

If you have a problem, if no one else can help....

.......and if you can find them, maybe you can hire... The A-Team!!!
But today it's definitely The N-Team!

A minute ago something what bothered me for like months finally has been solved hehe. Whoaaa it feels good!
This was the case: I had a videoclip in my head about a man who was a subject to a creepy center where crazy apes were given human brains etcetera. A very unclear story if you ask me.

That was the only thing my poor brain remembered, but in a couple of seconds my dear living Wikipedia Nancy found the answer: