My 2010

  3x with my lovely Babylon Circus
 Received my drivers license
Bought my own bebe car
Passed my French exam Français d’affairs
 First time in my kind of homeland Indonesia (Bali)

2009 - IFFR - new job - Pasar Malam - Metropolis - London - Pathé Unlimited - internship mateys - all the good stuff!

Time really flies. I remember everything like it was yesterday. And then suddenly the calendar says 2011! The last year before 2012, where the Maya's have talked about. I'm excited for 2011, hopefully full of happiness, health, fun for everyone!

Before i know i'll be making this post for 2011.


Only 1 thing has to happen and i feel like destroying things lol. GRMBL


I need to shop for winter clothes or i will be frozen by the end of my internship.


Bon anniversaire mec!

Got rid of my cheetah/panther/safari style nails today, time for something new! At the moment i want those dotting tools (where to find? only cheap on Ebay i guess..), but right now i have a sate stick as substitute to make the style above i found online.

Whoo Google has made a delicious cake for David Baruchel

Food = good


IFFR excitement

Next month it starts! Finally a winterburn relief - International Film Festival Rotterdam

Les amours imaginaires, a movie de Xavier Dolan will be shown throughout Holland as a sweet start of the festival. Received the festival magazine today and lord it made me warm, happy, nervous, excited....

I also read the Dutch fashion designer Antoine Peters made a limited edition Eastpak to celebrate the 40th IFFR.
Antoine rocks! YAY