LOL who wants this?

Temporary Chanel logo on your head... part of a Chanel beauty kit made by Ryan McSorley, a British design student.
Although it's only a school project of this guy, i think some (young) girls would love to have it.
How awesome is it when you develop something for school and in a while the whole world reads about your work!


Present time for myself

A white compact camera, bought during the 3 day sale @ Mediamarkt

 Ticket for the We all love 80's & 90's party at Off_Corso tonight

I also bought tickets for the two IFFR movies i talked about, haven't been to Vedozero because the movie has started already by the time i finally could get my tickets. Doesn't matter; i got the other tickets, some tea with Nancy in IFFR Café and Roarrrrr this awesome Tiger pin i couldn't resist hahaha!


IFFR first-timer

Guten Tag,
Finally it's Thursday! Two days no school, how nice.
Yesterday the International Film Festival Rotterdam has started and this morning i've checked the programme to see which films i like to see. I chose about 15 movies, but i'm not that rich &
i haven't got time to check them all..
  Now i'm gonna visit the following three (if they're not sold out):

Vedozero  29-01 12.15
Italian teenagers film their everyday lives using cameras and mobile phones, while the film maker wonders how far one can talk about being an author when picture and sound are both in the hands of complete amateurs.

Let's fall in love  01-02 12.00 
A Taiwanese tragicomic documentary about the matchmaker Chen and his clients. Director Wuna Wu documents bickering couples with everyday irritations and deeper relationship problems.
J'ai tué ma mère  04-02 13.00
The 20-year-old Canadian Xavier Dolan wrote and directed this partly autobiographical debut and also played the leading role. A coming-of-age story about the self-assured homosexual Hubert who tries to find his place in the world but keeps getting into trouble with his mother.

I wanted to go to Yo, tambien & Un Prophète too, but i simply haven't got time for them.


Worst way to spend your Wednesday morning

Ma grandparents are on the way to Indonesia now! Hope they have a great time, but they'll stay a month : (

Busy learning now, with a weird sense of having no exam today at all... like i'm learning for just nothing? But i'm sure, i'll never do that hahaha.

I think i gonna make some breakfast soon. With a nice cup of tea.

Happy birthday grandma! 


Hectic Tuesday

Starting rrright now: study for my exam - starting to get sleepy - sleeping - have to get up early - showering - study again - take care of the dogs - a little study again - work as hostess at a China-event in school - having diner - preparing for school's awardshow that night - awardshow - sleep - study - hope i'll be prepared for exam.  

Let it be Thursday soon!!!


Feed me

My dear food lover & friend Nancy came with a fun food game yesterday. Food is always a nice thought, isn't it?

Post 5 things you could eat for the rest of your life!

So at numberrrr 5, 
the last place but in a list of my best food, so it's not a sore loser at all:

Grandma's macaroni & cheese & ham, made in the oven! I've just had this piece so tummy is happy. Note: it does taste a lot better than it looks!

Allright, let's hop to numéro 4:

Shrimp cocktails! What can i say about it? Fishy fishy i like you fishie!

Time for the 3rd place!:

The sensational hotwings from KFC, always good! I'll cry when they stop sell them i guess.

What about the silver medal or 2nd place forrrr:

Crema di fragola! Had it from Vapiano twice & only thinking about it can make me feel hungry all day long! 

And the absolute number 1, winner of this contest issss:

Soooo tasty and delicious. Kelepon. I don't know but they make me smile. I can eat like 50 of them, at day, at night, always!

Now it's your turn, dear reader! I've revealed my food secret, time for you to face it! 

PS: I like the Dutch 'kapsalon', appelbeignets, sushi, noodles, filet americain, double cheeseburger menu from Burger King, spare-ribs, etcetera too.....

Don't mess with Johnny Depp!

Read an article today on a Dutch news site with as header;
Johnny Depp died in car crash?

I was like Whát?! Click! Let me read that!

But offcourse it was a lame hoax 'CNN' article from someone who's clearly in need of some attention.

Funny enough dear Johnny answered the phone with: "Not dead, in France." when actor Crispin Glover decided to call him to make sure he's alive.

Edit: they've errored the link i shared, so here's a printscreen of the hoax:


Spot the difference!

Only difference: Jack Osbourne has got a good body for real
& Kelly O. only when photoshopped....
Pictures from a while ago but still: Great work, Jack!

First bonus of the year

Working at the Dutch supermarket Albert Heijn, gives me the privilege of receiving a free collecters album + 5 stickers of the Dutch soccer clubs. It's like the only bonus you get, but the stickers are an hype every year..

In stores this Monday so start your collection or better, be prepared for insane parents & kids!

PS: Today was another f'd up day at work, i say it's time to leave soon!


Ik zeg neee

Ik wil gewoon in de stad lekker snel een 95 cent loempia kunnen scoren bij een eenvoudige Vietnamese kraam. Geen luxe kiosk met vast een euro duurdere snelle hap + de mogelijkheid een bloemetje aan te schaffen waar ik niet eens naar op zoek ben.
Doe me een lol, laat die karretjes lekker staan.



Just called the bus company about my cancelled London-trip again, and YESSS February 27 i'm off to London! : D

  I'm sure i won't see this funky version of the London Eye, but it does look fancy huh.

What exactly is the use of this "All Stars" trousers?

It doesn't seem handy to me at all.
Like how are you gonna wash it? Or how hard will it be to put new soles in it! It looks weird too. But i'm sure a  lot of people will look at you, so if someone needs attention it may be a nice buy xD

Found the pic a while ago, and if i'm right it was the work of some young artist (forgot the name).


Who said top models only like other beauties?

Lara Stone is the living evidence!
She's going to marry 'Little Britain'- actor David Walliams (left one). In real life he doesn't look like this offcourse, but whoa i never thought they would be a couple..

Allright maybe it's cliche to think, but that's not my fault.
Look at Brad + Angelina, George Clooney + his model girlfriend(s), and the rest of Hollywood!


Current obsession: Café World

Ohh why am i doing this to myself! This Sunday my mom and me have played Facebook's Café World like all day long...
Cooking, serving, sharing, watching our Café friends for gifts & then everything starts all over and over again. Like i have no life. Okay it was Sunday, i had nothing to do besides some homework but still WHY.
Never played it this long and i can say it doesn't feel healthy haha. My head is turning, my eyes are burning.

A definite: Don't try this at home!

PS: Someone looking for Café neighbours? hahahha

This one always makes me laugh hahaha

Sorry for the bigness, i couldn't find a smaller option for this one..

Goodnight everybody!


Jelly tub time

Nomnomnom.... jelly with the taste of mango, grape or apple 
+ little coconut chunks


36 euro / 52 dollar

Lol weird kind of pose xD
Yeah it's cold i know. Just got the impulsive idea to document today's outfit. Well, my little sister did.
Maybe because i got nothing to do, maybe because of the cheapness. The whole outfit (shirt, skinny jeans, leather boots) was just 36 euro.. Yesterday i went to Primark in Rotterdam and the boots i talked about before came from New Look.
Annnd only the boots were on sale!

Baby where'd you get that body from?

An electric abdominal trainer, it must give you at least a sixpack by only wearing this ab-belt. Hahaha who does believe this?!

It looks like a bad Tell Sell television product,  where happy laughing people always try to sell you some weird crap on television. But it's in my house now ! 
My mum bought it for no reason, she apparently was attracted to the awesome idea of doing nothing while getting a sixpack.
I'm excited & i will tell you when i got that sixpack out of it ;p


Grey day

Bought a new nail polish from Herôme in the color Kuala Lumpur.
It's a new theme from Herôme called World Inspired Colours, which contains 79 colours with city names.
On the picture Kuala Lumpur looks blue greyish but in real life it's more dark grey with a subtle glitter. Sometimes it looks a bit green. It works well but it isn't a woww nail polish.

Let's get Bogota, Antwerp, Moscow and the rest! Arghh.. i wish i won a trip to all the 79 chosen cities.


Star Wars is still awesome in Barendrecht

Days are for nice things, nights are for homework

Trying to write an essay about friendship, while listening Babylon Circus and playing Café World to get some inspiration.
It doesn´t work that well haha, i think i need some pancakes with ice cream.

Went shopping in Rotterdam today, bought black leather
´biker boots´ at New Look for only 12€!
First they were like 80€ but the cheapness made i couldn't resist them, although they're a bit heavy.
Gosh where do you find new leather boots for a price like that..

So my Ugg struggle has ended, no Uggs for me this winter!


On my mind

I'm wondering how this clochard parisien i photographed
last summer is doing now.
Would he have a nice warm place to stay?
Or would he still sit outside with all his pigeon friends around him? I hope he's healthy and enjoying wintertime. He was such a happy man, although his shirt was covered with bird poop
& he clearly had no money or house.


Winter Blues

When it's summer (while sitting in a park on a sunny day with lots of delicious ice cream) i always think snow is nice, beautiful, romantic, and nice again. But now it's just annoying me so much!
It's about -5°C outside and snow is turning into ice brr. Biking is more like gliding these days and the wind is hurting our soft faces. Happy enough i'm warm inside now.

Also my fav chief at my supermarket is transferred to another location, tooo bad. To make it even worse i have to write an essay about friendship for Monday. Without inspiration.

Argh i don't feel happy i feel like i'm suffering from winter blues.. Maybe i have to sleep all winter and when i wake up everything is nice, sunny & funny.

Oldschool photographs '96

Some happy pictures of my little sister + family i made when
i was 5, with a similar Fisher Price camera like above.
Unfortunately my mum threw the camera away, so no touchable souvenir for me anymore.


Yes/No struggle

The coldness outside. The snow. The +++ comfort boots. 
Feel the velvet soft sheepskin kiss your cold feet. No struggles about having warm feet anymore, anywhere.
All those things made me starting to like/want Uggs.
First i absolutely thought nooo Uggs for me. But somehow i lost that feeling and now thinking bout buying those short Blacks.

On the other side: they are expensive (140$ as minimum) and not "new" anymore, isn't just the coldness my brain can't handle?


My laptop is alive : D

After some struggling and three weeks waiting, my laptop is living again! We got a new adapter for free so i hope my laptop problems are finally solved now.

Today i went shopping in Utrecht (brrrrr! coldness alert!) with my auntie & mummy, it was friggin cold and i only bought a bag + white rabbit candy. But it was fun!
Happy to be at home now because it started snowing again, which causes lots of traffic delays.

I also went to the dentist this morning @ 7.30 AM, she will be proud i bought candy the same day hehehe.


Baby sister's birthday

She turned 17 yesterday: time for a grown-up birthday cake hehe, lots of other food, loud family and a grandma who wears the mini Sinterklaas mitre with pride xD

Spring lipstick with a waiting list

Chris & Tell from Lancôme, the collab lipstick with designer Chris Benz is already a hype, even though it haven't been released yet!
PS: The box looks cute!


Fun stuff

Just found the 'Project 365' of Taylor McKnight, goal of the site is to make a picture everyday, to document a whole year in pics.
I love the idea but i don't know if i could do that, guess i would easily forget hehe...

It's an oldie but take a look!


New Year. New Name.

I thought this new year is time for a fresh name, so that's why

Just that little things in life

is turning into

La fille qui aime la vie

Other changes will come in time. We'll see what 2010 brings!

Bye 2009!

What happened this last year of the first decennium:

 Got a new dog named Robbie

Discovered my fav (French) band Babylon Circus in May

Started a MAC collection

Got my propedeuse Communication

Started driving lessons

And so on!
2009 was beautiful, but i'm sure 2010 will be great too : D

A (belated) Happy New Year everybody!