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My dear food lover & friend Nancy came with a fun food game yesterday. Food is always a nice thought, isn't it?

Post 5 things you could eat for the rest of your life!

So at numberrrr 5, 
the last place but in a list of my best food, so it's not a sore loser at all:

Grandma's macaroni & cheese & ham, made in the oven! I've just had this piece so tummy is happy. Note: it does taste a lot better than it looks!

Allright, let's hop to numéro 4:

Shrimp cocktails! What can i say about it? Fishy fishy i like you fishie!

Time for the 3rd place!:

The sensational hotwings from KFC, always good! I'll cry when they stop sell them i guess.

What about the silver medal or 2nd place forrrr:

Crema di fragola! Had it from Vapiano twice & only thinking about it can make me feel hungry all day long! 

And the absolute number 1, winner of this contest issss:

Soooo tasty and delicious. Kelepon. I don't know but they make me smile. I can eat like 50 of them, at day, at night, always!

Now it's your turn, dear reader! I've revealed my food secret, time for you to face it! 

PS: I like the Dutch 'kapsalon', appelbeignets, sushi, noodles, filet americain, double cheeseburger menu from Burger King, spare-ribs, etcetera too.....

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  1. aaah ik was crema di fragola helemaal vergeten

  2. Haha een top 5 is ook veel te weinig! Beter een top 20 ofzo..