IFFR first-timer

Guten Tag,
Finally it's Thursday! Two days no school, how nice.
Yesterday the International Film Festival Rotterdam has started and this morning i've checked the programme to see which films i like to see. I chose about 15 movies, but i'm not that rich &
i haven't got time to check them all..
  Now i'm gonna visit the following three (if they're not sold out):

Vedozero  29-01 12.15
Italian teenagers film their everyday lives using cameras and mobile phones, while the film maker wonders how far one can talk about being an author when picture and sound are both in the hands of complete amateurs.

Let's fall in love  01-02 12.00 
A Taiwanese tragicomic documentary about the matchmaker Chen and his clients. Director Wuna Wu documents bickering couples with everyday irritations and deeper relationship problems.
J'ai tué ma mère  04-02 13.00
The 20-year-old Canadian Xavier Dolan wrote and directed this partly autobiographical debut and also played the leading role. A coming-of-age story about the self-assured homosexual Hubert who tries to find his place in the world but keeps getting into trouble with his mother.

I wanted to go to Yo, tambien & Un Prophète too, but i simply haven't got time for them.

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