Second card!

Hurray another Postcrossing card arrived!
This time from Finland, written by Seke. Now i have to send a card to Taiwan and another one to Germany. There are still 3 cards on their way to me, i'm excited : D


Brand New Spring Wannahaves

Feels like Mafia Wars "Brass knuckles" haha

Just checked out some pics of H&M Spring collection @
http://caroline.feber.se/ and although most of the items aren't great and new, i liked the items above for example.

Will be in stores soon.



Ik ben bang dat ik mijn mooie blauwe usb-stick in de computer op school heb laten zitten. Dommerd!
Morgen maar kijken of iemand zo vriendelijk is geweest hem af te geven. Kan me namelijk niet indenken dat iemand zit te wachten op foto's van mijn oma's verjaardag en de volledige discography van Babylon Circus.

Dan nog, kopieer het alsjeblieft. Veel plezier ermee.
Maar ik wil wel gewoon mijn usb met schoolopdrachten, waarvan ik niet meer weet dat ik ze gemaakt heb hehe.

Lights on a rainy day

dark pics but you can feel the vibe hehe

Today i was in Amsterdam @ Amsterdam Convention Factory
for another student excursion, organised by my team.
The location is a beautiful former Stork factory, which you can really see.  Our guide showed us everything; on stage, backstage, down to creepy dark corridors... and those beautiful lights! Niceeee.


Yes I do

Offcourse i couldn't live like i have one deaf ear, so i immediately bought new earphones today. The same i had before, cheapo Philips ones (7€) but they work well.
First i thought about buying some nice Sennheisers (like 30€), but i'm not that rich these days.. And now i don't have to cry if something happens to them instead of some expensive ones haha.

In the afternoon i went to the movie 'New York, I Love You'. Lovely movie, it's not a mainstream, but just beautiful and sometimes very funny ;)

Too bad Shia LeBeouf played a disabled hotel employee and not a tough bloke this time. Ahhhw his eyes looked so incredible sad!


My right earphone died

just a minute ago...
Have to buy a new one asap.

Sleep well everyone!


Danke schön!

I received my first postcard today with Postcrossing, from Christina aus Germany


 Here is where you find this weird creatures..

What the hell ! How can a necklace like this ever be sold out?? Well, i'll tell ya if you didn't (want to) recognize it, it's a necklace with your own duplicated vulva..... All i can say is ewwwww.

And tell me when you see someone walking with it. 


Fashion: Berber Soepboer

Found a lovely new Dutch fashion designer with Google today; the 26 year old Berber Soepboer.

Here are some things i love most;

We're gonna hear a lot of her, if you ask me!


Cramps in my toe! I was holding my toes with one hand, when the other one was googling toe cramps.

Next time you're suffering from cramps in your toe, you have to stretch & massage the muscles gently!
But i still feel it haha.

I got my Propedeuse Communication!

Excusez-moi for my sleeping blog
& this is a propedeuse if you don't know what it means ;)


This week

  • Our first excursion: Luxor Theater.
    Organised with my team, for students who study Communication & Media on INHolland Rotterdam
  • I almost went to the Moscow State Circus, but at the end
    we didn't
  • Nora threw a nicee relaxing birthday party @ The White Elephant
  • Tomorrow next driving lesson
  • Work again
  • Gonna have fun and a sleepover with friends (not at my mini room hehe)



I feel a bit patriotistic after looking at my last 2 posts.
The major colors are red-white-blue, like the Dutch (or French) flag. You may think i'm some kind of French chauvinist who adores those colors and everything that has to do with it, but i say NO it was just a silly coincidence hahaha.

Maybe i'm the only one noticing it, too.

It's late. I'm acting weird.
Time to sleep.

There's Waldo!


Hahaha that man looks so funny, the pic was made on a Halloweenparty in USA, the place where people do dress up for Halloween! I love it.

Picture by Thomas Meggs.


Night entertainment

For the ones who are awake, or have nothing to do...

Made by the Belgian cabaret artist Jonas Geirnaert, also known as the maker of the humourous Belgian Gnome Wesley.

Sleep well!


Game fever

Today i've done a lot Sudoku puzzles on Nintendo DS, played FarmVille, Rollercoaster Park, Wordplay, Friends Q&A on Facebook and i've played Mario Kart on Wii.

I'm a game addict tonight. Thinking about buying a DS someday.



My first postcard arrived! It was sent to Finland & the girl liked strange cards, so i sent her this one;

Haha want strange, get strange ;p

Now it's time to receive my first postcard!


Sunday; oldschool Rotterdam

Today i've been to a photo exposition @ Het Gemaal in Rotterdam, with several private collections containing old pictures of Rotterdam.
I liked it a lot, there were pics of families, random workmen, views of the city etc. All the pictures seemed to tell a story..

After the exposition we went to several places in Rotterdam to take some pictures; the weather was so nice!
I'll show the other pics later. The sun really made my day from the moment i woke up haha.

Cute: Edward Norton

He's not supercute, but in some way he's hot and just nice 
to look at..

From the neo-nazi in the cruel movie 'America History X' to the cute and funny and poor loving father/FBI agent Will Graham in the thriller 'Red Dragon'.

Just watched it, brrrr!


Current addiction: Postcrossing

Dear blog,

Today i started 'Postcrossing' after reading it on a website.
I've already written my first two cards, one for N. from Australia & one for H. from Finland.There are 3 adresses waiting in USA, Malaysia and Germany.
I'm very curious when i'll receive my first card :)
Lots of love,



Well well well. Postcrossing.com is a project with the goal to let people receive postcards from all over the world.  
Rules are simple: you sign up, ask for an adress, get a random adress from somebody somewhere, you send a card.
When the person receives it, he registers the card on the Postcrossing website.
From that moment your adress will be given to somebody who's asking for an adress. Only thing you have to do is wait, and send more cards!

I'm exciteddd!


Yumm addiction

I want to drink this all day! Many different tastes: lemon, peach, watermelon, cherry... Wanna try them all : D
It feels healthy (maybe because the story on the bottle hehe) & i even want to sport! Good thoughts.. 

Disney tricked me all those years

I've seriously never noticed it! But still; Disney is amazing and will be the best forever haha. Never understood the fact that people bought 'fake' Snowwhite stuff instead of Disney's...

Allright, i'm spoiled hehe.

Wouldn't trust him

With his unhygienic way of carrying meat to nowhere...

And check that lonely standard, like the bags on it are so ugly, no one will even think about stealing them. Too bad.


Love is all around

I want an IKEA + H&M Home someday

When i visit IKEA i'm always buying the tiniest things while saying 'i want that when i've more space' all the time. Haven't been there today, it was just a thought haha.

As i said it was raining all day, so i felt more like virtual window shopping @ H&M Home (plus i've bought a lot of stuff these days, i'm a bit hard up haha).

I like the stuff, but really don't need it..

Oh and i've been to the Dutch movie 'Terug naar de kust' (Back to the coast) today. It was allright, but still; Dutch movies definitely aren't the best..



Argh it's raining all day long in Holland! Please give me sun, or a place in the world where it isn't raining right now!

Motivation level: ZERO

To do:
  • clean my bunny's cage
  • fix the buttons of my new coat
  • homework
  • polish my destroyed nails (work's not good for me!)
Slept till 12 o'clock & i don't feel like doing something right now but listening music.

I'm such a lazy kid on Sundays!