Current addiction: Postcrossing

Dear blog,

Today i started 'Postcrossing' after reading it on a website.
I've already written my first two cards, one for N. from Australia & one for H. from Finland.There are 3 adresses waiting in USA, Malaysia and Germany.
I'm very curious when i'll receive my first card :)
Lots of love,



Well well well. Postcrossing.com is a project with the goal to let people receive postcards from all over the world.  
Rules are simple: you sign up, ask for an adress, get a random adress from somebody somewhere, you send a card.
When the person receives it, he registers the card on the Postcrossing website.
From that moment your adress will be given to somebody who's asking for an adress. Only thing you have to do is wait, and send more cards!

I'm exciteddd!

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