Study abroad: yes/no

Today we had an information meeting @ INHolland about studying abroad.

First i thought no i definitely don't want it; it's expensive, it's just studying, so why would you go abroad?
I was more like having an internship abroad; you earn money, more relevant experience, so you're not out of money when you're back.
But now i've changed my mind. Studying abroad does sound fun & is a real experience. And your stay is more safe & easily because it's arranged by one of the partner universities of mine.

I'm doubting it. You get grant when you stay in Europe plus they don't have that much contacts outside Europe. Only Mexico & USA, but last one is very expensive (and popular ofcourse)!

I don't knowwwwww... okay you'll know soon enough, because i've got to subscribe before March 1 if i want to go in my third year.

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