Mission completed: my first IFFR -- movies & a semi-date

It was fun, the movies were nice, a relaxed atmosphere, Rotterdam was really sparkling this week!
I love the fact that most directors (and sometimes even cast members) were showing up to the screenings of their film.
They were talking about the movie they made, answered questions & gave hands to the visitors.

Today was my last day i went to IFFR 2010.
At 13 pm i went to J'ai tué ma mère; a beautiful movie about a cuuuute (gay) boy, who's also the director of this autobiographic movie.
After J'ai tué ma mère something funny happened!

The boy who was sitting next to me, suddenly started talking & invited me to the next movie.
It was because his girlfriend back home was a bit sick and depressed and stuff, so he was lonely in Rotterdam with way to much tickets. He was a 23 year old Dutch guy, with Polish parents and living in Utrecht.
Of course i joined him! We went outside together to get some food and then we went to All That I Love, a Polish movie about some boys who are starting a band during the communism problems in Poland in the 80s.

A movie with fun moments, a beautiful view of Poland and although i didn't knew a lot about this subject & country, i really enjoyed it!  
LOL do i look so chatty & fun that even complete strangers want to be my company? No problem.

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