Nightshow thoughts

  • It's too warm to sleep
  • I'm sick of driving lessons and stuff, bye money bye time bye bye all those months on the way to my drivers license - but instructor got a new car yay! 
  • Don't wanna work anymore - rich husband welcome
  • David Baruchel is still adorable
  • Feeling like have to win a prize and travel around
  • Fresh strawberries would be nice at the moment (crema di fragola si si)
And gonfler is my word at the moment, it triggers me. Can't get it out of my head. Kylie Minoque neither. LOL couldn't help to think 'bout her song..

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  1. The words you wright are so nice. I hope to have a trip around the world and long vacations, too. Greetiings from Cuernavaca, México.