Hey! I've met you in my dreams last night!

He didn't look this poshy in my dream

Last night Christophe Millot (a.k.a. Rimbaud) suddenly appeared in my dreams! He's the saxophonist, clarinettist and accordeonist of the French ska band Babylon Circus. In my dreams we met at a courtyard, where some people were sitting on picnictables too. They didn't mention us and even my mum sat there, chatting with some people i don't know. Weird, fun dream!
I've seen Babylon Circus perform last May and met them short afterwards (at that moment i didn't really know who they are actually haha, but they were nicee), but since them i just adore this band!
During their performance in Rotterdam, i didn't know any of their songs well, i was just dancing and listening and some mumbling hahaha. But right now, almost three months later, i know all of the songs from their latest cd, even when i only hear the first tunes of a song xD And still lovin it!
By the way, they're performing at Lowlands & i've got no ticket : ( Too bad!

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