DIY: Customize a T-shirt

Yesterday i bought this white V-neck shirt at Hema, after watching Brüno in the cinema with Nancy. Wasn't worth my dear money i think, funny moments but not amazing though.
Burn number two: Haven't got my Vapiano dessert 'crema di fragola'. Had some lemon pie from Dudok instead.
Burn number three: I wanted to customize my brand new shirt when i was home, but mummy said i had to wash it first.

Finally after a day of hard work today, my shirt was ready to use.
I chose an image from Mike Perry's 'Iron me on' book & started ironing. 2 minutes later it was done. I only had to wait some minutes till the sheet cooled down.

I like to be creative, but this wasn't difficult at all. It made me wanna customize more things, but i ran out of useful things.
Soon i want to buy more shirts, and i'm gonna look for some bags to use too.

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