Tomorrow is time for a picture again

Today - exhausting - fun - rollercoasters - excitement - stinky people - sweaty people - divorced man tries to leave Walibi World early with his kids by promising them he has the movie Ice Age 3 at home - a lot of wasps - water - sick people who are throwing the nasty water on each other - Emeng wants to buy an elephant or plant some trees somewhere - sick Dawya who wants to throw up all the time - more wasps - Goliath - laughing - a long 3 hour travel in a hot train & bus - Starbucks!

And ohhhhh i'm so incredibly excited for Lowlands it sounds like i'm really going xD
I almost believe my own imagination; i saw the LL area today when i was otw to Walibi World & it looked so nice & i felt like i'll be there these days hahaha. I'm living Lowlands.
Like an air guitar player who pretends to have a guitar, i'll pretend i'm on Lowlands. And i'm sure i'll be the best pretender.

But next year i'm not the air guitar player anymore.

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