Where's my red carpet?

Say what? My dear sister Loes nominated me for this blog award hehe! Well i don't know what to do with it but still... 

On receiving an award you should:

*Thank the person who nominated you
*Copy the award and place it on your own blog

*Post a link to nominator
*Express seven things about yourself
*Nominate seven other bloggers and link them

Now it's time to reveal seven things about myself:
1. I'm in love with the French band Babylon Circus (i just cannot resist David Baruchel...)
2. I hate the fact we lost one hour today! 
3. I'm a last-minute girl; making homework, running for buses, preparing stuff, everything! 
4. I love to spend my free time travelling to anywhere.
5. I'm thinking about food a lot.
6. I can act like a freakshow (like that word) when i'm bored.
7. I'm a sucker for sale & bargains.

The seven blogs i check almost daily are:

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