Paris je t'aime

Watched this lovely movie today, containing 18 short films from different directors. 
All the films take place in Paris and because each film is only 5 minutes long, i really want to know how it ends everytime!
I'll never know...but they are all romantic, beautiful, sad, funny.. 
just great!

3 opmerkingen:

  1. lol zo leuk! gister checkte ik de amerikaanse versie new york, i love you

  2. ahhww Shia LaBeouf die uit het raam viel :(

  3. there...there...., i am here :D. been busy and got slightly bored with fashion blogging. will try to update my blog once in while at least. how you doin'?

    by the way, it reminds me to watch the movie and also New York I Love You.