HEMA Jip & Janneke vs. MAC Hello Kitty

Today i was at the Dutch store HEMA (sells all kinda home stuff, from cotton pads to candles) that launched a limited make-up collection featuring Jip & Janneke. They are a fictional drawed boy & girl who appear in Dutch books for children, but also on shirts, pens, stickers etcetera.
I haven't bought any of the make-up yet, but liked the silver nail polish much. It looks so cute!

But that wasn't my point today. I was looking at the Jip & Janneke collection when i immediately recognized the similarities with MAC's past Hello Kitty collection. Of course the quality isn't the same, but HEMA did a well job copying MAC's style!
Wouldn't be amused when i was from MAC, but as a normal customer i'm quite happy with HEMA leaving his old style slowly.

Pics from: Laura & Kayla

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