A day at the circus

the woman in red with the uncovered belly is friggin long pregnant already & still performing ö

Yesterday i went to a circus performance with my mum as an early Mother's Day gift. It was called Michto and performed by the French "La famille Morallès".

All the family members are multi talents (singing, trapeze acts, making music, juggling, acting, etc.) and even their kids from like 3-8 years old did amazing stunts. 
There were no animals in the show except from a tiny dog & some beautiful white doves, which they threated well (not really.. but okay). I thought it was a pretty great show, completely different from 'normal' circus performances! The show is part of the Circusstad Festival in Rotterdam which is from 1-5 May.   

Oh and after i made these pics a stressed out young girl -who's definitely a new employee there hehe- whispered to me it was not allowed to take pictures. Okay i respect that, but it sounded SO incredibly stupid, because the circus performers told like 5 minutes before that they accept cameras but only when it's without flash! Like what. Don't you speak English? 
They might be singing in French & Spanish but this was a clear English message. 

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