Zara - original as always

Okay it's not a new issue that Zara isn't afraid of faking other brands by selling look-alike clothes, shoes, prints, jewelry, etcetera but this week i saw a real freakshow.. 
They literally used a picture of the French blogging girl Betty..on one of their shirts! After she found out, Zara told her they were inspired by the pic, but hey inspired? In real world we call this faked, Zara! 

PS: I guess i would be a bit honoured to be copied by something this big, but still.... how low can you go (lower than you knowwww hehe)!

2 opmerkingen:

  1. Klopt, ik had het gezien! Echt raar, en vreemd dat zara dit zo maar doet en zo reageerd..

  2. Heb je m gekocht? hihi hij is wel echt leuk! Maar idd wel raar dat ze het zomaar doen.. Zie je opeens jezelf op een shirt! -x-