8 days to go

Love this maps, but they are big & kinda expensive (10 €)

I'm slowly starting to pack for my 3 week Europe trip.
Buying some stuff from time to time, putting it in the trolley bag... Think i gonna miss my all day access to the Internet, blogging also. It seems fun to me to blog while being on the road, but it's not gonna work properly + leaving my laptop at home is a safer plan.

One school thing bothers me and i have one last day at work.. Thursday it's all done! For now we have sun, heat & school work.

2 opmerkingen:

  1. spannend! waar gaat de trip allemaal heen? geen geld uitgeven aan kaarten, in hostels heb je meer dan genoeg keuze

  2. ja he, ik zie er maar vanaf ;) de planning is parijs-lyon-barcelona-milaan-venetië-wenen-praag-berlijn, echt een rondje Europa dus haha