This girl Xiaxue seems really fake and stuff, but when i watched her Youtube video about plastic surgery she sounded so honest about it, i got sympathy for her. Also i think she's so funny in the video above xD
Nowadays she is a full-time blogger, popular in Singapore and married with an American guy she met online. Back in the days (around 2008) she was part of a big blogger fight with Dawn Yang, another known Singaporean blogger.
Xiaxue accused Dawn Yang from being fake & trying to imitate a good friend of her, Arissa Cheo. How interesting is it that all those Asian girls made themselves more European looking anyway.

For the first time in years i read about a bloggerfight with Dutch beautybloggers. It was not about imitating each other, but this time it was about the blogger Serena (Beautylab) who made a fake forum account to reveal nasty things about Cynthia (Misslipgloss). All the drama, because Cynthia caused the break-up between her brother and Serena years ago blablabla. The fight even became a trending topic on Twitter.

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